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Why Parenting Is So Hard Sometimes

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Do you ever have those days where parenting is just too hard? Or when you want to stay in bed, in your pyjama’s (or out of them… wink wink nudge n-nope who am I kidding I’m way too tired for that lol), and just brain fade away into zombie-rest-ville watching Netflix on the couch? Yes? Oh good, me too. Like, every-single-day-me-too. (more…)

Why Are Four Year Olds So Crazy

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So this week I’m writing about something that I don’t normally write about with such grumpy focus. And that is my four-year-old son. Lately I have been writing quite a bit about my daughter. I have been documenting her crazy tiny antics in a monthly diary – Diary Of A Crazy Baby (click here to read all of the instalments). And that meant I had been ignoring what would actually be an epic saga titled “Why Are Four Year Olds So Crazy”. (more…)

Diary Of A Crazy Baby – 22 Months Old… I think.

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You know when you get to that point – when you are so close to two years old that you start forgetting what “month” you are up to? Yerrrrp, that is me right now. I keep forgetting how old my baby is. She is errrrrm… something years old. Or… um… she is … um… getting older months old. Yes. That’s it. Oooh, sorry, I honestly don’t know anymore. *throws hands confusedly into the air*. (more…)

Body Confidence and Boys Nudie Runs

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Today I want to talk about two things. They may sound unrelated, but I promise you they totally are. I want to talk about body confidence and boys nudie runs. When I was growing up I remember how the local boys at parties used to get around, be silly, and do nudie runs. Oh what bogans, I thought, without realising at the time that I was a bit of a Queen Bogan myself. (more…)

Holy Moly I’m Going On Motherhood-Farking Strike.

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Holy Moly I’m going on strike from motherhood for a bit. Well, that isnt exactly true. Motherhood itself is fine. I don’t have a problem with that part of it at all… It’s the running the household and picking up after people that I have an issue with right now. And it’s those things that I need a break from. Know what I mean? (more…)

A Day In The Life Of Us.

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Have you ever wondered what other people get up to on an ordinary day? Do they parent the same? Do they clean (or…um…ignore cleaning) the house the same? Do they roll their eyes eleventy billion times over their children ridiculous antics the same? Yes? Well, then this is the article for you. (more…)


Instagram post 2268211780349935097_2224857444 * OK... SO DON’T FREAK OUT * . I don’t know about you, but I’m finding the whole Coronavirus pandemic is making me a wee bit anxious... . I mean, I’ll admit, I bought a packet of frozen cauliflower because I thought I should... even though my kids don’t really eat it and we have never had frozen cauliflower in our freezer EVER before #sorryguys . And even though I don’t mean to, I find myself giving people a bit of the side eye if they make their way into my personal space #DontSneezeInMyZoneThanks . But even with all of this weirdness, there have been some bloody winning moments too... . If you had seen my stories this morning you would have seen that I went shopping this morning with my babe and for the first time in 4.5 years I got a GREAT park. And yesterday whilst working from home I sang all day whilst working my booty off. It made my day - as busy as it still was - so much fun. . During this time you’ve gotta find the joy wherever you can! Like the Italians who have thrown open their windows to sing, and play musical instruments to entertain each other and show solidarity - they are doing it RIGHT! ❤️ Like a friend who told me how she and her colleagues were going to still “eat their lunch together” (if isolated) over a conference call. ❤️ And another friend whose workmates weren’t letting potential isolation getting in the way of their Friday night work drinks - choosing to have them over Skype together ❤️ . These are small but brilliant ways to be there for one another, to support one another and uplift each other when apart, and in this time of uncertainty and isolation we each REALLY need it. And I bloody love it ❤️ . What are you doing to keep connected with each other? Share it below and let’s focus on the GOOD that is coming out of this scary time! Xx . Ps - rad 📸 by the always uplifting @jessworrallphotography
Instagram post 2260265154214023666_2224857444 * HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMENS DAY, LADIES! * . I am not going to lie, but I have had a rough few months. Well, years maybe... . And because of that, today when I woke up I just wanted to shut my eyes and dream my day away. I would have just numbed my way through it if I could with tv and some chocolate most likely... . But instead I got up and spent the day with friends - two of those friends are inspiring and INCREDIBLY caring women who I have known for about a billion years now, but every time I see them (which is not nearly enough) I learn something new and am lifted up by their energy. . They put a smile on my face and made me forget my troubles. Their joy brought me joy. And their absolute love of life was infectious. ...Not infectious Coronavirus style, but infectious all the same... . And it got me thinking about the women in my life who make up my tribe... I am so incredibly lucky that I have surrounded myself with these kind, caring and uplifting women. The world shines so much brighter with them all in it and I couldn’t have gotten as far as I have in life with all of these amazing women beside me. . So Happy International Womens Day friends. I hope that you too babe spent it surrounded by some amazing women ❤️❤️
Instagram post 2253026028653869594_2224857444 * THIS KID ❤️ * . So, for those of you in the know, the husband has been away this week for work. . Staying in (quiet) hotel rooms, without midnight creepers coming into his room to stare at him JUST because they love him so much. #TrueStoryLol #WellIAssumeHeDidntAnyway . Eating dinner at quiet restaurants without anyone stealing from his plate or yelling “dad” over and over until his ears bleed. #AgainICanOnlyAssume . And when he left I was scared about getting through the week on my own. . 4 days of wild children, battling mealtimes, bath times and bed times. Terrifying. *shudders* . But, they surprised me. This kid the most. They listened, they cooperated and they were (mostly) kind to one another. . And with the help of my in-laws (to whom I am so incredibly grateful for the dinners and additional help they gave this week) we got through not only easily, but beautifully. . It was a pleasure to parent them this week. And although I am tired AF and ready for a lay down, I am so proud of them for helping me the way they did. And grateful. ❤️ . My cheeky monkeys. ❤️❤️ . Have you had an extended period of solo parenting? How did you go? Did the kids go wild or were they a joy? Tell me all about it below? ❤️ . Ps. Gorgeous clothing by @frankie_and_roy . Stunning 📸 by @nataliedaviesphotography

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