Do you have something you really want for Christmas, but are too polite to come right out and ask for it?

Errrr, yes?! Thats me EVERY blooming year!

Well friend you have come to the right place, because here is a foolproof way of getting what you want without actually having to wade through bags of undies that don’t fit, or last Christmas’s re-gifted broken box of Monopoly from crazy Aunt Jenny.

Follow these tricks and you will be getting a present that you TOTALLY deserve to get this year.

7 Sneaky Ways To Get Exactly What You Want For Christmas!

Sneak # 1 – The Subtle Magazine Ambush:

Casually leave magazines out with the item that you want clearly visable. If the gift-giver somehow misses your hint and throws the magazine in the bin, then be sure to fish it out from under last nights dinner, wipe it down and leave it on their pillow. They are sure to notice it then.

Well, they will notice the smell anyway.

Sneak # 2 – The Night Whisperer:

Set your alarm to go off when the gift-giver is sure to be in a deep sleep. If you don’t already sleep in the same room, then sneak into their room, check that they remain in this deep deep slumber, then lean over and gently whisper “You want to get me a Macbook Pro” in their ear over and over until morning. Once morning comes, complain about how poorly you slept the night before until they feel sorry for you, make you breakfast in bed and give you a massage.

You deserve it kiddo after the work you just put in the night before whilst they lazed about sleeping.

Sneak # 3 – Subliminal Messages, Shopping List Style:

When writing out your weekly shopping list, write the gift that you want on the list, then cross it out like you made a mistake, and list ORANGES right next to it in super large letters. That way they will think you just made a silly error, but their eyes will be constantly drawn to that section of the paper.

Display this list on the fridge for a week, after which time subconsciously the gift you have listed will have lodged itself in the gift-givers brain. Foolproof. And on the plus side, who doesn’t love oranges?

Sneak # 4 – Post-It Note Bandit:

Hone your skills under a government handwriting-forgery expert (this job may or may not be completely made up) until you have mastered your gift-givers handwriting so completely that you have no idea if you just wrote that note in front of you, or if the gift-giver snuck in whilst you were busy blinking, wrote the note, placed it directly under your hand and then snuck back out again.

Highly likely.

Once you have mastered this skill, write “Macbook Pro” on enough Post-It notes to fill every pocket of every piece of clothing that the gift-giver will wear over the following week. And whilst you are at it, so it doesn’t look too suspicious, insert an empty vodka bottle into the jacket that said gift-giver wore the night before. Once they find this along with the post-it notes, they will buy you a Macbook Pro purely out of guilt for the drinking problem that they think they have, but actually don’t.

Sneak # 5 – The Shower Door Ghosting:

Make sure you have a shower approximately one hour before the gift-giver every day for a week. Whilst you are showering turn the water up to really hot and steamy, and then in the condensation on the shower door, use your finger and write Macbook Pro. Then when the gift-giver uses the shower, the words Macbook Pro will appear on the shower door as if by an otherworldly presence.

And then they will buy it for you as they would rather do that than risk being haunted by Uncle Ben in the shower for their rest of their life.

Sneak # 6 – The Not-So-Subtle Magazine Ambush:

This is an update from Sneak # 1, and here you will need a couple of technical props.

Take the same magazines that the gift-giver was ignoring from before. Grab a sharpie and draw a large love heart around the gift that you are hoping for. Leave a note next to it saying “To me, from you for Christmas”. Leave it next to the toilet, where men tend to do their best and clearest thinking, or pop it in their work lunchbox instead of their lunch.

This will be sure to garner their immediate consideration.

Sneak # 7 – Fake Santa letter:

When all else fails, and you don’t feel like lining up for 6 hours at the local shopping centre behind all of the screaming children, write a letter to Santa outlining what you want most for Christmas because you have been such a good girl. You can even tell him in the letter that he can buy a Macbook Pro online for you here. Saves the elves some time and all that.

Then send the letter directly to Santa, via the gift-giver’s name, at the gift-givers address.

In fact, save yourself 70 cents and pop it directly into the gift-givers hand and ask them to read it whilst you run and hide behind the couch, peering round the corner the whole time to gauge their reaction.

And if you have been a good girl all year, then you never know right?




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