7 Ways To De-Stress Your Life

Life is damn busy.

Before I went on maternity leave, I got through my every day running purely on adrenalin. I was towards the end there, in serious danger of burning out and losing my mind.

I was tired all of the time, and would get emotional at the drop of a hat…My poor husband.

I was so permanently stressed-out that I walked around with my heart racing as I tried as hard as I could to meet deadline after deadline. I rushed from place to place (never getting anywhere on time it seems) and would spend poop loads of energy trying to please those around me. My life was a perpetual whirlwind, and that constant rushing (both physically and metaphorically) without ever getting the chance to stop and pause for a breath was wearing me down.

And I know that I am not alone in living like this.

We weird adult humans try and cram so much into a single week – work, family, friends, study, chores (yes, sadly its generally in that order), and we are generally working off minimal sleep to fuel ourselves and this fast paced existence.

We are, as a society, increasingly stressing the hell out.

According to Better Health Victoria, there is increasing evidence to suggest that stress may contribute to physical illnesses such as cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, proneness to infection and chronic fatigue, and mental illnesses such anxiety disorders and depression. You can read more about stress and the effect it has on the body, at the Better Health Victoria website here.

Yes, yes, yes, but how do I get rid of this stress, you ask? How do I kick stresses arse to the curb, and live a freer and happier life that I love?

Well, thank you for asking dear friend! Although I am in no way a health professional, I am here to give you some advise based on how I kicked my own stress habit, and how I found myself on the path to this freer and much happier life!

Great, right?! So, get your pen ready, or turn your printer on, coz here we go!

7 ways to de-stress your life (c) Elnur via Canva.com

7 Ways To De-Stress Your Life

De-Stressor # 1 – Yoga

Ok, so this can actually be any form of exercise that you choose, however should be something that you really, really, REALLY enjoy. Because if you enjoy it, you will be more likely to stick with it. When you find your thing, it will help you unwind, release tension, and will make you feel all-round fantastic.

Yoga does this for me.

After a yoga class I feel wonderful, and consistently like a new and improved version of myself. Not only have I just pushed myself to my physical limit for an hour an a half and as such nurtured my body, but my teacher has guided me on a spiritual journey, nurturing my soul. I leave each class feeling relaxed, calm, focused and happy.

My favourite studio’s to practise are:

Australian Yoga Academy – Yoga teacher Mark Pheely works out of both the Seddon and Northcote locations, and is one of the most incredible and inspiring teachers that I have ever encountered. I leave his classes feeling a little like an exhausted and wrung out rag, but I also feel so crazily uplifted both mentally and physically. I couldn’t recommend Mark and his classes enough.

Metta Yoga in Eltham – This home studio which is currently closed though due to re-open soon,  is run by the gorgeous and calming Emily Sullivan. She is a beautiful, nurturing & inspiring teacher who focuses on the correct technique to strengthen your practise. She was my personal yogi throughout my pregnancy, and was kind enough to be present at my labour for further guidance. You can follow Emily’s beautiful teachings through her Instagram page here.

Even one class a week with an incredible teacher will bring you incredible amounts of peace, strengthen your body and give you the best damn nights sleep that you could imagine.

De-Stressor # 2 – Meditate

If I try to meditate on my own then my thoughts often drift to chocolate, to doing the washing or a million other things that I should be doing.

Because of this, I know that I need to be guided through my daily meditations. Most of the meditations I do are found on YouTube, however I consistently sign up for the free online 21 day meditation challenges that are offered throughout the year by Oprah and Deepak via the Chopra Centre. These are brilliant. And, in case you didn’t catch it, are completely FREE at particular times of the year, so keep an eye out for them!

I would do these before I went to sleep each night, and I would find it would relax me so intensely that I would be asleep within 5 minutes of hitting play. I found them incredibly soothing and it would  guarantee me a relaxed and deep slumber.

De-Stressor # 3 – Massage

Do yourself a favour. Get a massage. You need it. Trust me.

EVERYONE needs a massage as frequently as possible, as there is nothing more relaxing in this world than a bloody good massage. A massage when done well is a great way of relieving stress, pain, and muscle tension. It is one of the most brilliant ways of switching off your mind and finding inner peace again after a busy week or month.

My favourite place to get a massage currently is at Sentient Being in Eltham. The gorgeous Sonoko looked after me throughout my pregnancy and was a really caring, thoughtful, brilliant and strong massage therapist.

So do yourself a favour. Book a massage once a month if you can, or as often as your finances will realistically allow. Your body will thank you, your stress will drift away and your sleep will be more restful.

De-Stressor # 4 – Focus on what you are thankful for

Something that I found that was really useful for me in reducing stress was taking some time every day to think about what I was thankful for in my life.

When I was pregnant I would make it part of my daily conversations with my unborn little one. I would be thankful that the sun was shining, that the sky was blue, and the weather was lovely, for when bathed in sunshine this world can be a gloriously beautiful place. I am now also thankful for my son’s smile as it shows me just how much love there is in the universe.

So, if you can think about the things that you are thankful for everyday instead of focusing on those things in your life that you hate but that you are unwilling to change, then you will find your stress levels will slowly begin to decrease. And on the flip side, once this happens, your contentment and happiness will increase.

De-stressor # 5 – Remove all negativity

If there is someone in your life who is constantly throwing negativity your way, and ruining your happiness buzz, then cut ’em loose. You don’t have any room in your life for someone who wants to brow beat you into feeling you crap just because they aren’t happy with themselves. Surround yourself only with love and light, and those who want you to succeed rather than drag you down and you will be much happier for it.

If your job is the thing that is making you miserable, then seriously consider getting a new one. Take the time to find out what you really want to do, or who you want to be, and make it happen. You will never find your happy if you don’t look for it. And you will never find the good if you just accept the bad.

Go for it. You’re worth it!

De-Stressor # 6 – Sleep More

This sounds obvious however if you aren’t sleeping enough, then everything is annoying, everything makes you mad or cry (if you’re like me anyway), and you lose the ability to deal with… well, everything.

Sleep is like magic. If you get enough sleep then you will be happier, you will have loads more patience, you will feel better in general with loads more energy, and you will find that you are able to manage whatever life throws at you in a more carefree and calm manner.

De-Stressor # 7 – Slow down & Breathe

This is another obvious one, however just…slow…down.

I am super guilty of doing this in the past, so I know how crazy and stressed out all of this rushing through life makes a person. Sometimes I would even struggle to breathe feeling so overwhelmed from all of the things that I was constantly trying to do.

And when you try to rush through life that quickly, you end up missing all of the beautiful and special quieter moments You don’t get the chance to enjoy any of the little things.

So just stop racing through life, take a pause, and breathe. Appreciate where you are in your life right now. Breathe & love freely. Be thankful for this life of yours and remember that time is fleeting, and life is short.


You have the power to create your own stress-free and happier life. The steps I have mentioned are simple and are what worked for me, and once you find what works for you your whole life will change for the better. You will be happier, more confident, more in love yourself and with your life.

And you know what? You will probably live bloody longer too.




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