I love to read.

I read as much as I can whenever I have the time, and love nothing more than losing myself in a really good book.

I love being transported to a magical world where anything is possible, and stories that are so thrilling and mind boggling that my heart rate increases and I start to skim the pages, unable to move my eyes fast enough in my desperate rush to find out what happens next.

One of my goals for my little baby is to read to him as much as I can in the hopes that one day he joins me in my absolute love of books, and my passion for reading which was passed down to me by both of my parents.

However one of the hardest things I have been finding is reading something new and fresh to my little munchkin, and keeping it interesting for me too. I understand that children love repetition as a way of learning, and they love the anticipation of knowing what is coming in a story, but sometimes knowing that I am going to read the exact same words AGAIN makes me want to pluck my eyeballs out with a pencil.

My little one is only 6 months old, but I have read some of those books so often, that I no longer even have to look down at the pages whilst reading the book, and can instead recite the story from memory. Yeah, thanks “We Are Going On A Bear Hunt” for getting stuck on a loop in my brain. Its running on repeat somewhere alongside Row Row Row Your Boat.

Now, I have a sneaky feeling that there may be a few other mummy’s in the same boat as me, and as such I thought it might be helpful if I put together a list of 5 books that I am currently reading to my six month old baby and am loving sick. Right now. Of course I might have a different opinion once I have read them 999 more times.

Five great books for babies that we are loving sick right now

I Love You This Much by Hinkler Books

I love you this much by Hinkler Books

So, I get that I am more emotional now that I have become a mum, but this book really gets to me. It is so sweet and lovely a read, and totally taps into how much I love my little baby boy. I can’t imagine ever getting sick of this one.

It is a really simple story and follows a Sweet Panda Bear who tells the reader (you) just how much he love’s them and what he would do to make you happy and keep you safe. It tugs on the emotional heart strings and really REALLY makes me want an oversized cake with pink icing. Just saying.

A totally gorgeous book for a love-obsessed mumma like myself.

Magic Beach by Alison Lester

Magic Beach by Alison Lester

This is a sweet story which centre’s on a group of children playing at the beach on their family holidays and how their huge imaginations turn those fun daily activities into something totally magical.

Now when I go to the beach, I will imagine pirates smuggling in crate loads of rum and wild horses tossing their heads in the surf.

Its such a lovely, whimsical story, and it really makes you see how kids think and dream during play.

I have actually been reading this to my little one since he was born and haven’t gotten sick of it yet!

We’re getting a PET! (A Little Golden Book) by Sue Fliess

We're Getting a Pet! By Sue Fliess. (A little golden book)

This is a lovely story about how a little boy chose’s his new pet from the local pet rescue centre, with his parents approval.

It flows very well, and is obviously easy to read with rhyming verses, the sound of which is perfect to keep the interest of those little eardrums. And it has a lovely message outlining how you must really think about what will work for you and your family, and how there are many animals out there just looking for a home.

Spoiler: The little boy doesn’t choose a cat thank goodness. Cats are pure EVIL, so smart choice little man. Smart choice. Plus they make me sneeze. What jerks.

Each Peach Pear Plum by Janet and Allan Ahlberg

Each Peach Pear Plum by Janet and Allan Ahlberg

This is intended for an older child but I still love to read it to my little one. It is an entertaining “eye spy” book with many things hidden in the busy pictures which accompany the words.

Obviously my little one at 6 months old has no idea what either the pictures or the words mean, but he still enthusiastically and supportingly looks at whatever I point and squeal at each time. Coz thats the kind of guy he is. I think. Or maybe he is amazed by how wrinkly my hands are. Not sure.

However the story is catchy and I (a 34 year old human) quite enjoyed both reading it, and looking at the pics.

Wilfred Gordon McDonald Partridge by Mem Fox

Wilson Gordon McDonald Partridge by Mem Fox

Again, this book is for an older audience of kidlets however this is one of the loveliest children’s books that I have read in a while.

It tells the story of a young boy with four names who lives next door to an old people’s home. He has a big heart and wants to help one of the oldest residents at the home find her “lost” memory. What he does is incredibly thoughtful and triggers lovely memories of the best kind.

It is a really well written story by Mem Fox and I will read this book to my little one for as long as he lets me.


So that’s my list.

I hope that this give’s you some inspiration on what to read your little one when standing in front of your bookcase staring at the saaaaaaame old stories whilst scratching your head (or butt).

I also hope that you can get as much enjoyment out of these books as I have over the last six months, and that the sweetness of these books prevent you from losing your mind once you have read them again and again and again and again.



Do you have any books that you would recommend as great reads for babies and/or little kids?Please leave a comment in the box below as I would love to hear your suggestions! You would be doing me a community service actually, hehehe… 

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