Well, its safe to say that Week One of my “Fitness Journey” was a bit rubbish. Missed it? Read about it here!

Ok, so Week One may have been rubbish, you say. But how did you go on Week Two?

Well, to be honest with you, Week Two also started off pretty poorly, but I eventually found my groove so it ended with an absolute BANG! Woohoo! You Go Girlfriend (I creepily whisper to myself as I sit here, typing out my memories from the week that was)!!

I kicked the week off as everyone depressingly does, by hating Monday and doing everything in my power to not wake up. Monday is such a stupid day, it ruins the rest of a perfectly good week and as such should be banned. In fact, we should head straight from Sunday to Tuesday! Right?! Who’s with me?!

Now getting back to the point… Which was… Ah yes! Monday!

So, I did a few rounds of pushups in the morning, though on my knees as my core is still fairly weak post-pregnancy. In the afternoon I went for an hour walk with the pram, pushing my little man around the local park. This park is nice enough, but it honestly is as flat as a tack, so I probably got as much of an aerobic workout as I would have popping a tic tac into my mouth.

Tuesday was my dear friend Emily’s pre-birthday celebration or “surprise-date”, so I knew that all real exercise was out purely due to lack of time.

Instead I took her to Doncaster Shopping Centre (where shopping dreams come true), so my exercise this day therefore consisted of shopping up a storm. We hiked both up and down the ramps lugging our numerous purchases from store to store.

We hauled 4 sets of rather heavy dinner sets for Christmas through the entire centre from the store of purchase, out to the car. We pushed heavy trolley’s that had a mind of their own cross country style through the carpark, jumping curbs and weaving crazily around kamakaze traffic.

And finally, we sweated up a storm as our shaking muscles tried to balance the crockery along side our numerous clothing purchases that we didn’t remotely need, but desperately couldn’t live without on the day.

We were both probably a good kilo or two lighter by the end of the trip, however we promptly made up for that by going to the most amazing lunch destination – Patch Cafe in Richmond, and eating our weights worth of food. Every bite was worth it, I swear!

On Wednesday – I had a scheduled Christmas catch up with my beautiful mothers group, so we headed to the local park and each pretended we weren’t sweating within an inch of our lives.

We hauled babies, prams, food, blankets, and Christmas presents into the park, then wrestled those same babies for approximtely two hours straight, making sure they stayed on the picnic rugs, ate their food without squirming or somersaulting out of our arms, and continuously removing fistfuls of grass and dirt from their chubby little hands before said grass and dirt had a chance to enter their tiny yet always-bloody-well-open mouths.

And even though we were hot and exhausted somehow little mister A and I still dragged our butts out for a 45 minute walk in the evening.

Thursday was purely a house cleaning day, to prepare for Christmas which we were hosting.

My aim was to get the house just clean ENOUGH that we couldn’t trip our guests up from our numerous piles of toys left lying about.

I also wanted to prevent them from stepping in smears of either baby or dog dribble in the kitchen so I figured that a sweep and a mop was in order, and lastly my preference was for them to be able to breathe easy without bucket full of dust collecting in their lungs, so damn it, I had to dust. Sigh. I hate dusting.

It was around 30 degrees Celsius in my house, so I figure this cleaning session counts as the workout equivalent of doing Aerobics followed by Tai Chi in a Sauna. Sounds about right.

Friday was Christmas day, and firstly let me say a big fat (errr…skinny) Merry Christmas to you all and to your families!!!!! It is safe to say that no exercising at all was completed on Christmas day other than lifting cider after cider to my lips…

Well, so far it just sounds like you are making your regular activities that are not even remotely exercising (other than walking) sound just LIKE exercising to make yourself feel better… But, what did you actually DO??!! 

Well, my friend…By Saturday and Sunday – this exercisey shit got real.

On Saturday morning I hauled myself out of bed on my “morning off” from the baby and dragged myself into the gym. I avoided rubbing my face all over somebodies previous crotch sweat thankfully, as I used the benches correctly this time.

I focused on my arms, shoulders, chest and back over approximately 1.5 hours, which included a little cardio to finish. My arms were shaking and I am pretty sure I pulled a tricep muscle, however I joyfully graduated up a weight grade for bicep curls! Hooray!

Well…this was purely by default, because the lesser set of weights were taken already by a big, blokey, muscle-bound boofhead who I think was showing his friends the reps he could do with his pinky finger.

And yet while he was doing that, I was in the corner, pretending to be nonchalant and strong, whilst struggling to look like I WASN’T about to burst a vein in my forehead from using a weight that he could probably have lifted with a single nostril hair.

I was so proud of myself I basically floated straight out of the gym and all the way home, directly into the shower before I realised.

Oh no. I forget to stretch.

Which led to a fun yet sleepless Saturday night, which saw me moaning and groaning every time I wanted to turn over in bed as my arms, chest and back couldn’t support my body weight without screeching with pain. Obscenities would fly from my mouth every time I even THOUGHT about turning over.

Sunday I somehow managed to haul myself to the gym again, and this time concentrated on legs. Woo! Leg Day! I used to LOVE leg day!

I pulled out one of those boxes that you step-up on for a high intensity warm up, and after a few reps of that on each leg, I started feeling like an aerobics instructor from the 1980’s, minus the skin tight spandex.

And then like the graceful swan that I am, I tripped on the box ,and was dangerously close to falling on my face. I mayyyyyyyy have shrieked like a 4 year old girl just a little, but I totally pretended that it was someone else, and am pretty sure I got away with it.

I decided that I had tested the co-ordination gods enough for one day, so I eye-stalked a couple of people using machines that I had never before even used, before hopping on that same machine myself and looking like a pro.

It was awesome, and I felt pleasantly fatigued as I headed over to stretch before finishing up. When my legs wobbled like jelly, and almost gave way walking down the stairs to the stretching mat, I suspected that my lower body would soon be joining my upper body in muscle-screaming purgatory, no matter how much I was about to stretch. And as the day went on, I was right.

After the the weekend of getting back into the “old routines”, I was completely and utterly stuffed. I was sore. I wanted to cry a little each time I moved and it was hell.

But you know what? I was so happy & so proud of myself.

After such a successful weekend, I feel like I am one step closer to really getting back into the swing of things and achieving my goal.

Hell, by the time my 12 week challenge is over, I might be back to my old self. Strong, happy, confident, and most importantly back to fitting in those damn skinny jeans without the mummy-tummy-ooze.

Well, we can hope can’t we??





Are you currently on your own Fitness Journey? How are you going? How do you split up your week when training? Tell me all about it below, as I would love to hear from you!! 

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