The funniest thing happened today.

I came across a batch of letters that I had written to my unborn baby during my pregnancy!

In those letters, I talked about my hopes and dreams for my little one. I talked about how I hoped my labour would be and what I imagined that our life would be like afterwards.

Reading over those letters now, almost 9 months after the birth of that same little baby, and they still make me smile. I can feel such hope, excitement and happiness in the words. I can feel that sense of beginning – the feeling that our life was just about to start.

With the wisdom of hindsight, I know now that some of those words were naive and kinda hilarious, but mostly they were sweet, loving and hopeful, and I look forward to reading those letters to my boy when he is old enough in the years to come.

So here is one of those letters. Please read, and enjoy xxx

Dear baby, 

At the time of writing this I am 29 weeks and 6 days pregnant with you! Tomorrow I will be 30 weeks which is incredible! Time has flown by soooooooo fast and in just ten hopefully super short weeks from now (or less, please be less), your daddy and I will finally be able to meet you! Our sweet baby boy. We can’t believe that you’re almost here! 

And we can’t wait to be able to love and cuddle you in person rather than just loving and cuddling you through my belly! All that belly in the way makes getting a cuddle from you back rather difficult. Just kidding of course. Mummy loves a joke. 

Now, I must say that your kicks and punches are incredibly strong these days, which makes me think that you are going to become a karate champion of some kind when you get bigger. In fact, you have been wriggling SO much in there, that sometimes I think you are going to wriggle your cute little baby bum right out the top of my tummy! Yes, you are moving around THAT much in there! 

Sometimes it makes me stop in my tracks as I am sure you are about to pop right out of there. But of course you don’t. Mummy’s imagination just runs away with her from time to time.  

The last time we saw our midwife she said you had flipped into what was almost the right position. You are head down and bum up now, hooray! All you need to do from here on in my little man, is flip around to face the other way coz right now you are facing forward when you should be facing back.

Now, I don’t want to be pushy or anything, but you have ten weeks to do it. To flip, I mean. That may seem like a lot of time right now, but trust me, time flies. So if you could do it sooner rather than later that will be very helpful. Thank you in advance sweet baby.

Also, according to your measurements, it looks like you will be a big boy by the time you are born!! Which, by the way makes your daddy so proud and makes me laugh- of COURSE you would be a big boy. Just like your daddy, naturally!

The preparation to have you my little baby, has been fierce. 

We completed a Hypnobirthing course a couple of weeks ago, and have also just attended a hospital class on labour, which was run by the midwives there. 

As you will come to know when you grow up, mummy likes to be prepared and ready for anything before going into something unknown like this. She will study it until her head explodes just to feel comfortable. If there is a class on it, mummy will do it. If there is a book about it, she will read it. Sometimes she can be very busy trying to figure out just what to expect…Sorry in advance little one. 

Now, we have one more class to do next weekend which is at the hospital again. It will focus on how to be new parents and how to actually take care of our beautiful newborn baby once arrived into this world. Yes, my sweet boy, we will learn how to take care of you! How exciting! 

Although I am thinking about your labour and birth more at the moment, I suppose we should figure out what to do afterwards right? Just kidding. Mummy very much wants to learn that too… 

I will tell you more about it when you get older whether you want to hear it or not, however the Hypnobirthing course was very interesting. It gave both daddy and myself some really great tips on how to stay relaxed and strong throughout your labour and birth.

It also gives techniques on how to really let go and enjoy it as much as possible. 

We learnt that many women find labour scary and painful, so instead we are hoping to make it fun and relaxed and happy and pain-free like the course suggests we can…

The whole idea behind Hypnobirthing is that if we can have a happy and relaxed birth then you will come into this world as a happy and relaxed baby, automatically knowing that you are loved and cared for from the second you enter this world. 

I really hope it works for us, but daddy doesn’t believe in it much which makes me a little nervous. Oh well, we will let you know how we go afterwards!

Everyone is sooooooo excited to meet you (not as much as we are though sweet boy) and we just can’t wait to see who you are and who you look like! Arrgggh, I just wish you were here already! Hurry up! No, don’t hurry up. Take your time. But take your time quickly… 

We just can’t wait to see what kind of little man you grow up to be in this big world. Anything and everything is so possible for you my love.

There are so many things for you to see and  experience, and I cant wait to show you it all alongside your daddy! There is so much life to live and so much love waiting for you when you get here, and I hope you are as excited as we are to experience it all!

Geez little baby, you just started REALLY wiggling and moving about! Wow! Maybe you can feel how excited I am thinking about meeting you soon?? 

Or are you practising to become a little drummer boy? Practising your soccer skills perhaps? I don’t know, but it feels kind of like a wild cat has been stuffed in a sock. You feel way too big for your home in there!! Sheesh, I wonder what it will feel like then in ten more weeks time??!! Eeeeek! 

Thank goodness that you don’t wriggle like this when I am sleeping! 

However, I know this sounds crazy, but I miss you a lot when you are sleeping because your kicks, as sttrrrooooonnng as they are getting, are still a source of utter amazement to me. I just can’t believe that you are in there! You are in my belly! We CREATED you and you are growing so strong and tall. You will be here soon enough and your presence inside me astounds and amazes me every day! 

I have waffled on enough for tonight sweet baby, so I am going to go now and start planning a few things for your upcoming birth. I need to pack the hospital bag which will contain loads of things for both your little baby self and also for me that we will need during our stay there. So many cute outfits for you, and teeny tiny socks to keep you warm. 

I love you so much already my little gorgeous baby son, even though I haven’t met you yet. 

I can already feel your kindness, your thoughtfulness and your sweet and calm nature. You keep me calmer and happier than I have ever been, so I know you that you will be just the same when you get here. 

Gosh, I just can’t WAIT for you to get here! I cant wait to see if I’m right, if you are the beautiful boy that I truly feel already that you will be… 

I love you so much already my sweet little man and always will. Please come and meet us soon.

Love from your Mummy xxxx

Did you write any letters or have you put away something special that you would like to give your children when they grow up, to show them how loved they were to you, even before you knew them? 

Leave me a comment below and tell me about it, I would love to hear from you! 

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