So, I have a confession. I love pancakes.
I just really freaking love them.

If I could eat them all day everyday without giving myself a major case of the voms, then I totally would. Get in my mouth you flappity flap flap pancakey goodness!

But I can’t. Because I am almost certainly sure that a diet made up completely of pancakes would ruin my insides. And not in the usual good pancakey way…

However I do make and scoff them about once a week, as a treat. Pffft, who am I kidding, realistically I make them twice (cough cough three times cough cough) a week for a treat…What?? Don’t judge me. I told you that I REALLY love pancakes. I wasn’t kidding.

And since I love pancakes so absurdly much, I thought I had better come up with a healthier way of making them. Just to make myself feel a teensy little bit better about the sheer quantity that I consume.

So if you like pancakes the way that I do and also, like me, are trying to pick the slightly healthier version of what you love to stuff your face with, then give these a go.

I am not gonna lie, there is still a decent amount of sugar in these pancakes because of the banana, blueberries and rice malt syrup, so if you want to make them healthier, you could omit the blueberries and the rice malt syrup altogether.

That’s the glorious thing about pancakes. They are still just as delish with only banana. Yum Yum Drool.

So if you happen to be fluffing around tomorrow morning figuring out what the hell to have for breakfast, then give these a crack. Its pretty hard to get these bad boys wrong! Enjoy. And make me some while you are at it please!

Quick and Easy Grain Free Banana Pancakes

Quick And Easy Grain Free Banana Pancakes (c) mummalifelovebaby

Pancakes deliciousness. Image (c) mummalifelovebaby

Serves 1


1 Medium Banana (ripe is best)

2 Eggs

Small Handful of Blueberries (washed)

2 tbsp coconut flour

1 tsp Vanilla Extract

1 tbsp Plain Yoghurt

A pinch of crushed Pistachio’s

Rice Malt Syrup – Edit: Rice Malt Syrup is not a grain free product, so omit this altogether if you need a grain free topping, or replace with your own preferred sweetener such as honey.

Coconut Oil (for cooking)

Wanna try making these but can’t make it to the shops? Then order your groceries on-line here!

Stuff you Need:


Medium Mixing Bowl

Measuring Spoon – 1 teaspoon, 1 tablespoon


A Small Frypan


Serving Plate

Spoon for scooping out the coconut oil

Your hungry Belly


1. Mash the Banana in the mixing bowl with a fork.

2. Crack the Eggs into the same bowl, and whisk altogether.

3. Add the Coconut Flour, Vanilla, and half of the Blueberries and whisk to combine.

4. Grease the frypan with a small amount of Coconut Oil, and heat over a medium heat.

5. Add half of the pancake mixture onto the pan and use your Spatula (or a spoon) to work the mixture into a circle shape.

6. Allow the bottom of the pancake to brown before flipping it over to cook on the reverse side (see bottom note on cooking).

7. Remove pancake from the pan, and place it onto your serving plate .

8. Add more Coconut Oil if required, and then add the rest of the mixture into the pan, then follow the same cooking instructions as above.

9. Once all pancakes have been cooked and are waiting for you to gobble them up, top with a big dollop of Plain Yoghurt, the left over Blueberries, the Pistachio’s (see bottom note on Pistachio’s), and then drizzle the whole shebang with Rice Malt Syrup.

10. Dig in, and shock yourself silly from the absolute deliciousness that is these pancakes.

Note on cooking: This mixture doesn’t bubble up the way a traditional pancake does, so use your judgement on when to flip it. As an FYI, it should only take a couple of mins on each side.

Note on Pistachio’s: we purchase a small packet of raw pistachio’s from the supermarket, chuck around half into our NutriBullet and whiz them until crushed. We then store it together with the whole pistachio’s. So your pancake topping will be a mix of whole and crushed and the texture is to die for. 




Do you have a “healthy” pancake recipe that you would like to share? Leave a comment below and tell me so I can make them tomorrow and stuff them in my face. 

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