Right guys.

I WANT to say that it is time for a TRUTH BOMB, but if you are a parent you will already know what I am about to say. You will realise it from about the tenth month of your child’s life.

And if you aren’t a parent, then you most likely wont believe me… well, not until your elbow deep in nappies and vomit anyway.

BUT…here it is…

Sometimes, parenthood can be incredibly boring. Sorry, but it really can be.

Yep, sometimes the very thought of reading the same book for the 3,569,784,859,506,222nd time bores me so much that my brain spontaneously turns to moosh.

Do you ever feel the same?? I hope so, because I don’t want to be the only bored parent out there…

I love my kid, I really do. And I love my life and my family oh so much. It’s just there is a selfish part of me that struggles with the boring side of it all sometimes.

Because not being able to just pick up and head somewhere at the drop of a hat – that’s tough to adjust to. And not being able to lay like a lump on the couch and watch crappy movies on a loop when I have had an especially bad day – well, that’s tough too… Having my son is worth it, every single little bit of it, but sometimes I just want to be a bit selfish. And sometimes I just get plain old bored.

Anyway, for the last year or so I have been trying to steer myself clear of falling into the parental boredom rut. I have been trying to find things to do that not only entertains my little human, but that also entertain the hell out of me!

And so I thought would share some of those things with you.

Because anything to make my life more interesting and fun, may also make YOUR life interesting and fun. Well, some of it hopefully will anyway.

So, here goes.

Dance Yo’ Ass Off

Put your favourite music on (not theirs for once), and dance your butt off. There ain’t any level of boredom that a good happy dance-like-a-fruitloop in your lounge-room can’t cure, and your little one wont be able to RESIST dancing with you. The little critter will think you are an award-winning Ballerina.

Get Out And About

Get out of the house at least ONCE a day. Go for a walk, a run, a coffee, sit under a tree and watch the birds. Getting out is one of the most important things you can do. Because seeing the inside of the same four (and since you had kids, dirty) walls is enough to drive anyone batty with boredom. And by getting them out of the house, you are also getting YOURSELF out of the house. A fresh mind = a fresh and caring mumma.

Go To The Damn Zoo Already

Get yourself a Zoo Membership. I am not even kidding. The Melbourne Zoo membership gives you access to four different locations around Victoria. You can rotate them each week for the whole year. That’s like a gazillion new things to go and see every week. Dear lordy, go buy one now and keep it interesting mumma.

Get Some Sand In Yo’ Cracks

Go to the beach. Even if it’s not warm enough to swim, building sand castles and tossing sand directly at mums face is just as entertaining for the kidlets. Apart from getting sand in your eyes/mouth/bra, you can listen to the sound of the ocean (and their delighted squeals) while they play. It’s the most relaxing sound in the world. Enjoy it. Or put earphones in and block it out. Whatever you need girlfriend.

Paint! Paint! Paint! But If You Get Any On The Carpet Then I Will Kill You. #kiddingnotkidding

Buy the kids a smock, an easel with paper attached and give them access to kid friendly paint and a paintbrush or two. Then cover everything within walking/throwing/dropping distance with newspaper (including yourself), and let them go to town. They will be amazed for a good hour at how excellent (well, terrible) they are at painting. Which means that you can use the time that they are occupied by doing something for you. Painting your toe nails, eating some chocolate, shaving your legs (outside on the deck next to the budding artiste you creep), whatev’s.

Get Out And Chalk The Hell Out Of The Neighbourhood. 

Not as insane as it sounds, I promise. Buy the kidlets some chalk and send them outdoors before they register that they aren’t going to be sitting in front of an iPad and lose their baby minds. The bonus of chalk  is that unlike pens/pencils/highlighters/paint which can get onto everything and in some cases stay on everything FOREVER (cough cough, like on the walls of the old rental house – oops) chalk washes off everything it touches easily. Sometimes I just need to look at it and its disappeared already. Best. Damn. Invention. Ever.

Check Out The Greenery and stuff your face

Go to the park. Or go and sit on some grass near a river. Get some serenity. Walking somewhere greeny (with tree’s) and actual natural light will do wonders for your mood and mental health. That Vitamin D will kick your ass into happiness so soak it up. And take yourself a picnic. Because no-one likes a hangry mumma at the park.

So, get out there, and get rid of that boredom however you can.

Though if you can’t, text me, let’s make a play date. At your house though because I cant be bothered cleaning up. Oh and I am not putting on pants. Just so you know.


What have you been doing to get rid of the boredom in your life? Leave your tip here, so I can add it to the list! xxx

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