Oh hey there my five month old baby girl!! Are you getting cheeky now my little bald-headed angel? Am I starting to sense some sass going on in that sweet baby head of yours?

Five months in … I mean, is that too early to see potential sass??

I mean, I could be wrong, maybe it’s not sass and maybe she has just got a case of the old sicky mc sick-grumps…

I say that, because she has come down with the second cold of her little life this week, which has made her grizzle and flop about. And even though she has smiled just about the entire time she grizzled, it has still been … well, a bit shit. The poor munchkin has kept waking up overnight and has even been struggling to get through her day sleeps whereas before she was a sleeping queen. Praise the Sleeps! Because of that, it means that this mumma is farrrrrrking tired too, but its cool, because all of the tough stages pass…Don’t they? Yes? Hopefully? Please?

I also wondered if her jerky teeth were looking to make their first jerky appearance in her sweet teeny tiny mouth, but they aren’t there.. yet, zee jerks. Gawd, I would just like them to appear magically out of her gums but they aren’t doing me any favours obviously. #WhyCantBabiesBeBornWithAFullSetOfTeethForFricksSake?

I am considering taking bets on when they will pop up on outta those little lady gums but I don’t want to jinx it either. Hurry up teeth!

By the way… You should read about what I would like to say to The Tooth Fairy here!

I also think that the teeth are on their way, because the little lady has really intently started trying to eat us. She is constantly trying to chomp on our hands, our necks, our shoulders and most conveniently for her, our chins. She also loves to stick her tongue out and blow raspberries, which leaves whoever is cuddling her at the time completely covered in drool.

Delightful. And surprisingly moisturising. What…no?!

I have recently booked her in to start swimming after her 6 month vaccinations, and ermagawd I CANNOT wait for her to begin and to see all of her roly polyness splish splashing in the water! I have bought her bathers which in all honesty will probably be too small for her Royal Squishiness by the time she starts, but meh, they were just TOO cute to pass up.

I am not going to lie, but I am a little nervous about swimming. I may have a case of the nervous poops to be specific. Because I remember that my son used to cry bloody murder after he got out of the pool from being cold (even though he was wrapped up like a Baby Burrito), and it used to give me a stress sweat moustache EVERY SINGLE DAMN TIME. I really hope that she doesn’t do that, but if she does then I have asked my mother in law if she could come along and help me, and being the absolute legend that she is, she said yes. Plus I think she is trying to avoid vacuuming her house, but I’ll take it no matter what the reason!

We have established a pre bedtime routine at night now as a family which is pretty cool.

At 6pm after dinner, either my husband or I will bathe the little lady. I wonder if she was actually a little dolphin in a past life, because she is totally in luuuuuuurve with the water and splashes about so much that I sometimes find myself worried that she is going to physically launch her tiny body up and out of the water exorcist style.

While she is in the bath, the other “leftover” parent will put the little man on the toilet for his nightly poo and will read him books whilst sitting in his poo smell to get his bowels really moving.

After our girl babe gets dressed post bath, we go and sit on the couch, ready for her nightly bottle.

Our son hops off the toilet after getting his butt wiped by that poor leftover butt wiping parent, and in his jumper and his socks (because there are no pants to be seen ANYWHERE by this stage), he doodle runs over to where his sister is having that bottle and break dances for her. Which she finds hilarious. Mind you, he dances like his father lol. Which is… um… very creative… to say the least, and brings a giggle from us all.

It’s so beautiful to see just how much the little lady loves her brother. She watches his every move like it is the most amazing thing she has ever seen. Though considering how new to life a new baby is, and realistically how little they have actually seen in their existence so far, it probably IS the most amazing thing she has ever seen…Lol. #ThereHasGotToBeMoreToLifeThanWatchingHerBrotherBreakDanceInTheHalfNude

The second her nightly bottle is finished (sometimes actually around half way through) she lets us know in no uncertain terms that she is ready for bed. Essentially because she stops her continuous wiggling (I am not kidding – that kid moves like she has permanent ants in her pants) and almost falls asleep on our shoulder. Saaaah cute <3

But… Life skills, life skills, where is she at with those??

Well, she rolled from front to back a couple of times but now prefers rolling from back to front instead. I thought that was harder, but she seems to love it and be cool with it. Way to go for doing things differently, little lady!

And she spent a whole day last week with her mouth open and her tongue hanging out. I don’t know what that was about but she seemed to really enjoy it. In fact, we went for a walk in the afternoon and she spent the full 45 minutes licking her jacket button. The weirdo.

She is still whacking me in the face like a nutbag, though now she has progressed to holding my face still with one sweet and pudgy hand so she can really get a good slap in with the other hand. It makes me feel special. Except not at all. I can’t wait for the slapping stage to be over sigh.

She loves to jump now too, and she will do it whenever she can as much as she can. We may be mid bottle, and trying to get a burp our of her tiny baby burp filled body and she will choose to jump until she spews (laughing the whole while) rather than burp.

The little lady has also started grabbing our lips, chins and cheeks with her little fingers and she delights when she grabs hold of something or when we pretend to eat those curious little fingers.

She still loves anything that will make a noise, and sometimes she will repeat a tune back to me if I beat one out on our drum.

She WETS herself if we kiss her on the tummy or in her little tiny neck creases, and thinks that headbutting us is a beautiful kiss in return.

This sweet girl is the loveliest little angel and we think everyday how we are so blessed to have her in our lives. She is so precious.

And I cant wait to see what she is like next month. xxxx

Diary of a Crazy Baby - 5 months old - Image (c) mummalifelovebaby Diary of a Crazy Baby - 5 months old - Image (c) mummalifelovebaby Diary of a Crazy Baby - 5 months old - Image (c) mummalifelovebaby


Did your little one love to chew on your face? Blow raspberries? Slap you, like they belonged in the ring of a professional UFC match? Tell me all about it below, as I would love to hear from you. xx