My baby hit 6 months and boy oh stinking boy pants, have things changed.

Zee girl is all grown up it seems.

She has now started to make more word sounding noises. So instead of just…um…loudly screaming all the time like she did when she was 4 and 5 months old she has now started to say “Dadda”. The Traitor. I mean, who carried you in their body for 9 months??! Me? Or your Daddy??!

In all fairness she does also say “Mumma” and “Bubba”. And I am pretty sure the other day she gave me a FULL and very detailed run down of how her nappy came to be so full of poop.

It’s actually so exciting. I can’t wait to hear her talk properly, even though I just KNOW that she is going to have so bloody much to say. I can feel it in my waters. Fark.

Like in previous months, the little lady whacks me in the face constantly. So I spend a good chunk of most days trying to control her wild baby hands. I swear I do try to teach her the fine art of “gentle hands”, however she thinks that is hilariously ridiculous and always giggles before trying to punch me in the cheek once more.

She has also started to feel a constant need to jump non-stop. Even if I have LITERALLY just fed her a bottle of milk, she will jump until a good half of that milk has spewed up and out of her body, and directly into my hair. Its delightful. Except not at all.

When she gets hungry, she gets so excited that she starts to pre drink air like the bottle is already in her mouth even though it’s most definitely not. It’s very cute to watch… It wouldn’t be terribly filling though.

These days she has developed enough strength and coordination to hold her bottle herself while feeding, leaving me two glorious free hands to pick my nose, or pick hers, or whatever takes my picking fancy on the day. Jokes. (Sort of).

We still focus quite a bit on tummy time. I put her on her play mat for a bit after every feed and she rolls like a champion straight onto her tummy. Which is brilliant, however she totally SUCKS at rolling back over onto her back.

But that’s cool, because she has managed to become a level 5 expert on doing the worm instead. Only backwards though. And she ALWAYS ends up about a meter away from where she actually wanted to be in the first place. And this fills her with an intense red-faced baby rage. Sah cute.

She makes me ugly snort laugh.

The sweet babe is developing a touch of “smart arse” and thinks its funny to drop everything I give her when in her high chair onto the floor. Girlfriend, it’s not. But she laughs at her cleverness every single damn time.

Lucky she is cute.

Her favourite toy (though I have no idea why) is the lid to one of the smoothy mugs that we have. What a weirdo. She chews on it and bangs it on the table like she is Judge Judy. Or…maybe she is slightly insane? Uh oh.

But her FAVOURITE thing to do is drop shit on the floor. Like everything. I’m not going to lie, but when I have to pick something up a million times in a half an hour period, it can get a little… well… less than cute.

Overall, 6 month old babies are super cool.

Once babies turn 6 months old, they are no longer like uncooperative spaghetti which you would think would be a total bonus, right??!! However, they morph from spaghetti into… well, more of a teeny tiny wild beast… that you are constantly trying to tame.

And it’s the change table especially that seems to send them wild.

When my sweet babe is getting dressed, her little chubby legs fly everywhere, and she tries her hardest every single damn time to throw her little body off the change table. And because of this I cannot, I repeat CANNOT EVER leave her on the change table on her own.

Coz that girl is a daredevil and she will jump off that table quicker than you can say “Lie still for just one second crazy baby”. Babies quite possibly are insane.

Fabulously, she still thinks I am the most hilarious person in the world. And she is right, because I am.

She is still crazily happy, and spends most of her day giving me happy and joy-filled eyes. She smiles at me ALL DAY LONG which is just heartwarmingly beautiful.

In fact she is so damn happy that every time I walk into her room to wake her up, I find her sucking her thumb with her eyes closed, and with a HUUUUGGGEEE beautiful and super excited smile on her face. It kills me every single time.

She is so freakishly overjoyed by the very act of waking up, and it’s so bloody precious that I can’t even. Her brother agree’s, so loves hopping in her bed every morning for his own hit of baby cuddles. She loves it too. Actually, to be truthful I think she purely see’s it as an opportunity to whack him in the head and chomp on his nose, but thankfully he doesn’t seem to mind and is as enamoured of her as we are.

We have decided that we may have to change her name to “Casio”, because she is pooing every morning, just before 7am like clockwork. I am not even kidding. EVERY damn morning. And since (I hope) teeth are coming, she has been getting sore red rashy bums from those poo’s. Her poor squishy kissable bum…

Her routine is now as follows:

7am – wakeup
7:30am – bottle (it should be 7am, but we stuff around so much in the mornings that it is ALWAYS closer to 7:30am)
8:15am – solids (breakfast)
9am – bed
11am – wakeup
11:15am – bottle
12:15pm – solids (lunch)
1pm – bed
3pm– wakeup
3:15pm – bottle
**Her brother wakes up at 3:30pm, so I generally do half the bottle, get him up and settled and then the other half of the bottle
4:30pm – nap in pram
5:15pm – solids (dinner)
6pm – bath
6:30pm – bottle
6:45pm – bed

I can’t wait till we get a little free-er with the routine, as I cannot wait to show her this beautiful big world. And… um… get out of the house once in a while…

But in the meantime, I will continue to love watching her grow and evolve… and I REALLY can’t wait to see what she is like next month.


How many kids do you have, and how old are they? What has been your favourite stage of their lives so far? Leave me a comment below as I would love to read all about it!