Oh my gawd. The baby has only been earthside for a mere three months, and it already feels like the she is a teenager wanting to borrow my car keys and go on bloody dates using my credit card.
What the frickin frick! Cough.

Yep, I already feel like I am going to be “That Parent”.

I could feel it with my son and I am totally feeling it with my girl babe too. I just know with every needy part of me, that I am going to be the creep who insists on chaperoning my kids everywhere. Like, on their dates. Yep, I will be the one sitting in between them on their dates. Listening in on their phone calls to learn the latest “lingo”. Begging to hang out with them. Trying to be the “cool mum” at all times. Though if I am sitting in between them and their date then I suspect I will never be considered a cool mum. Sigh.



It’s just because I love them to pieces. And I am still so needy for that love.

I mean, my son tells me he loves me once every couple of days. But today he got a lollipop and he told me approximately 4,621,345 times just how much he loved that lollipop within a five-minute period whilst he ate it. Stupid lollipop. If you could love me more than your lollipop then that would be greatly appreciated, thanks kid.


But, back to the point… She has been here for THREE FREAKING MONTHS already??! Lordy, I can’t believe it. Time is moving way quicker that I expected and sometimes, if I try really hard not to blink, I honestly think that I can ACTUALLY see her bones growing. Right there in front of my eyes.

I don’t know why I am particularly emotional about it this month, but she just feels SO grown up all of a sudden. Still with a disappointing lack of hair but grown up all the same. As a side note, when will her hair freaking GROW already??. I stare at it every day lol.


Time seemed to go so much slower with my boy. Maybe I was bored? Or maybe I just didn’t have a crazy toddler by my side back then to keep me totally occupied… That seems most likely I suppose.

I think with my son I was always anticipating and waiting for him to do something, but with my little lady I am too busy with life to be able to watch time tick by and wait for that next milestone to be reached. Instead, she just does something and I am all “holy crap she just did that oh well whats for dinner tonight” about it.

I wonder what a third child will be like? I’ll probably blink and miss everything, and then she or he will be thirty before I can even say “Holy Hell Someone Get Me The Epidural”.


But my three-month old babe can do so much now and it’s amazing… She grips onto her rattle and shakes it like she is trying to kill it. I don’t know what the rattle ever did to her, but I had best let the two of them work it out I suppose.

She also now holds onto her bottle with two hands when she is drinking it. Well, she tries to. She still hasn’t got the best control of her arms so she pushes it out of her mouth more often than not. Sometimes I have to battle her ninja arms and be the opposing force, holding it in her mouth while she tries desperately to push it out. But at least she isn’t just batting at it with her baby hands, right?!

I do have to say, that it’s weirdly frustrating because whenever she pushes it out of her mouth she is instantly overcome by a total red-faced baby rage because she is hungry and cant figure out why the bottle is no longer in her mouth. She already wants to be independent. Shit. Bloody shit. She just isn’t very good at it yet lol.


She loves tummy time, the weirdo. I think she just loves seeing everything at a different, more grown up angle. I don’t blame her, because staring at the roof and up my nose would get as boring AF after a little while. She loves scrunching things on her playmat while she is down there. Because she loves noise. More than crawling apparently.

Good thing she loves noise actually because she was born into what is potentially the noisiest family going around. You pretty much need to scream to be heard in our household. We love to sing and yell at the dog and our volume is permanently at ear-splitting levels. Jokes, sort of, not really…Coz we are rather loud…

These days instead of purely cuddling up to us and resting her sweet head on our shoulder, she now loves to sit on our laps (with our help of course), lean back and eyeball us and smile. And her smile absolutely lights up her face. Its beautiful. She is beautiful.

And I still can’t believe she is ours.

Diary of a crazy baby - three months old - Image (c) mummalifelovebaby

Her eyes are slowly starting to change. No-one believes me when I tell them, but they are. She still mostly has her crystal clear blue baby eyes, but they have this gorgeous icy grey ring around her pupils. And in a certain light I can now see a light brown tinge to it, and I know they will not be blue for much longer. Her brothers eyes started changing colour at 2 weeks in a super obvious way, and hers has taken so much longer to start to move, and I think this is why no-one believes me. But it could also be because no-one stares into her eyes all day, every day the way I do. Right in the eyeballs.

My own eyes are brown around the pupil but green around the outside. My husbands eyes are a beautiful mix of light brown and dark brown. And our sons are a stunningly dark chocolate-brown. Who will she take after I wonder?

I can’t wait to see what those beautiful eyes become.

Her skin is still so pale that she is almost see-through, and I know she gets that part from me as I am scarily pale while my husband in permanently sun-kissed. Although compared to her I look like I have had a 6 week holiday in the Greek Islands somewhere. Poor little thing.

Her body is changing a little bit more. She has the most beautiful little arms and legs, and they are getting strong, but she is starting to totally chub up like her brother and I absolutely adore it. She has sweet little leg rolls that I cant help but kiss, and she even has rolls on her forearms (like her brother did too) which are so freaking cute! To me, she is every inch of perfection.

I wonder what she will be like next month?

I cant wait to find out. And yet I want to keep her this precious and delicious for a bit longer too.

Diary of a crazy baby - three months old - Image (c) mummalifelovebaby Diary of a crazy baby - three months old - Image (c) mummalifelovebaby Diary of a crazy baby - three months old - Image (c) mummalifelovebaby Diary of a crazy baby - three months old - Image (c) mummalifelovebaby Diary of a crazy baby - three months old - Image (c) mummalifelovebaby Diary of a crazy baby - three months old - Image (c) mummalifelovebaby

What do you remember about those early months of your babies life? Please leave me a comment below as I would love to hear all about it. I am kinda baby-obsessed <3