Seven Months Old. Already? The baby is seven months old AL-FREAKING READY??!! I know, I know, I say this every month but SHE WAS JUST BLOODY BORN! I haven’t had a single second to scratch my bum or pick my nose since she got here, I swear!

This month has been interesting. The sweet little lady has grown up ALOT. And I nervously feel like she is starting to actually understand us… How terrifying for all of us lol.

The wee babe has been clapping her hands for a while as you know, but now she is clapping her hands with SUCH enthusiasm, that I am slightly concerned for the nerve endings in her hands. At least she is feeding my already huge confidence that I am hilarious. #ThoughSheIsRightIAmTotallyHilarious.

She has managed to turn her rolling into movement, and can roll just about all over the house now. Well, not literally, because she hasn’t rolled up (or down) the stairs yet, thank bloody goodness. #Eeeeeeek!

She is also saying more words now, adding “Teddy” to her repertoire. Oh and I am pretty sure that yesterday she said “Oh hey!” to me, like she was shocked that I was next to her, even though I had literally been sitting right next to her all day. #ILiterallyJustTouchedYouAndYetSomehowYouWereStillSurprisedThatIWasHere

The baby is also becoming a red-hot peekaboo expert. Now, I use the term “expert” very, very, VERY loosely because even though it is very cute, she is actually COMPLETELY TERRIBLE at it. Every night those sweet chubby arms pull her towel up to cover her face, but she usually forgets to cover both eyes, leaving one smiling eye free to eyeball us even though she thinks that we cannot see her. Because covering one eye makes her totally invisible. #ExceptItDoesnt.

And if she somehow manages to actually cover BOTH of her eyes then she will WITHOUT FAIL leave her mouth completely uncovered. Her sweet toothy grin visible for all to see. But again, if her eyes are covered then we obviously can’t see her. Except we…um…can.

The little lady can sit on her own now. She can’t get into the sitting position on her own yet, but if I “sit” her, she will normally play happily until she falls out of it… and then cries.

She is really digging finger food now, her favourite being cucumber and Vegemite on toast. Not at the same time though. She is not a COMPLETE animal.

She had a cold at the beginning of this month (and I swear she had just gotten over one last month), and during this cold she was pooping about 4 billion times a day. I have never seen a tiny human poo as much as what she was doing. So I thought she had gastro.

But it actually wasn’t gastro.

Nope, it was just teeth being jerks and trying to cut through. Gawd, teeth are the worst. #TheToothFairyIsSuchAnAsshole … And teething poo’s usually have a weird smell to them. The smell is distinct. Kinda acidic actually.

Read about why I hate the tooth fairy here

So when her two bottom front teeth FINALLY made their appearance we were thrilled, because she returned to being the happiest and smiliest baby in all of the land which, I have to say, is bloody wonderful. And her toothy grins are oh so very cute.

Like all of the previous months, she still chews on anything and everything she can get her hands on which usually includes my face. Yep, every single time I feed her she turns into a head butting ninja, desperate to catch me off guard so she can get my chin between her teeth and have a good chew. It used to be bloody cute, but now with teeth it just bloody well hurts. No thanks.

So for my own protection, I now spend a good chunk of time trying to avoid her wide open chompy mouth. Which can be hard in itself because that mouth and those wide bright eyes follow my moving head like a Pacman who has me cornered. #PotentiallyACannibal

She still thinks her brother is the most hilarious person on the planet and gets super excited every night after the bath when he runs towards her. Yes, you heard me. He just RUNS TOWARDS HER. That’s it.

To her it is the most interesting and hilarious thing in the world. But we wonder if she is completely sane. As he runs towards her, her whole body tenses up in excitement, arms and legs waving about wildly. When he gets to her, he smacks a big old kiss onto her cheek and she just bursts with laughter.


She has developed a love of reading now. Though when I say “read”, I actually mean eat. Yes, she tries to eat every book that manages to end up in her baby hands. It is a constant battle between me trying desperately to keep the book from entering her dribbly, rip-py mouth, and her trying to slap it out of my hands and into her face hole. I never know who is going to win.

The little lady laughs like a nut bag when I tickle her, blow raspberries on her tummy, speed kiss her side, or when I pretend to eat her hand. Hearing a baby laugh like that is the sweetest music I could ever have hoped to hear.

Now, I don’t know why but she also REALLY gets a kick out of throwing her body backwards when she is in my arms so she can look upside down (while I desperately hang on for dear life) at whatever the heck is happening in the room behind her. Which I might add is never anything interesting. It’s usually just her brother watching PJ Masks. Or the doggie licking his bum. The girl has permanent FOMO. Fark. She is SO nosy.

She has grasped the concept of dancing lately which is just a BIT cute, and if you ask her to dance, she just starts to bop away while listening to her own private music. The girl has more moves than Madonna and she is only seven months. #LifeGoals

She started another leap this month. And one thing I have definitely noticed since the leap started is that she has really begun loving herself sick. She loves to look at herself in the mirror, or on the camera on my phone. And given the chance I suspect that she would quite happily give herself fluttery eyes all day long. Don’t blame her. She is gorgeous.

The wee baby is down to 2 day sleeps now, as we have cut out her 4:15pm sleep, and when we aren’t sick we use that time to go for walks. She gets SUCH a kick out of it, and “talks” the whole way, about everything and anything, and when not talking she tries to take eat the pram. As you do right?

My sweet little girl is just so curious and I can’t wait to see what she explores and learns about next month. xx

Diary Of A Crazy Baby - 7 Months Old - Image (c) mummalifelovebaby Diary Of A Crazy Baby - 7 Months Old - Image (c) mummalifelovebaby Diary Of A Crazy Baby - 7 Months Old - Image (c) mummalifelovebaby Diary Of A Crazy Baby - 7 Months Old - Image (c) mummalifelovebaby Diary Of A Crazy Baby - 7 Months Old - Image (c) mummalifelovebaby Diary Of A Crazy Baby - 7 Months Old - Image (c) mummalifelovebaby

Did you keep a record when your little one was born – of all of their milestones? Which milestone were you mostly excited about? Leave a comment below as I would love to hear from you xxx