Warning: No models were harmed (or… um… even used) in the making of this post. It’s just one awkward AF mum. Standing in front of her camera. Hoping for a non-blurry shot which she may or may not (cough DEFINITELY not) have gotten. But still… Enjoy x


It’s no secret, but I love shopping. I always have and I always will.

It’s just… that I always want more clothes than any human needs. Like, I want ALL THE CLOTHES. All of them. #IHaveAProblemAndItsHighlyLikelyMyHusbandWillWantToDivorceMeOverIt

The hardest part of being on maternity leave (or being a SAHM) and LOVING shopping, is that the household only has one income coming in and more household expenses going out than is probably necessary.

In our case, it was expenses like… errm, how I used the heater those times in Winter when it was ACTUALLY freezing cold because I refused to put on a snow jacket in our FREAKING LOUNGEROOM #SorryHusband

Yep, it is hard on one income. So when we ladies shop we have to do it smarter. Ya feeling me?

I know you are.

Now, much to my long-suffering husbands annoyance, I recently decided that I needed to update my wardrobe now that I am going back to work and because my body has COMPLETELY changed. It’s true. The body I have now in no way resembles the previous pre-baby version of me, meaning that NOTHING in my closet that USED to look semi-ok even fits anymore.

I guess that’s what having two beautiful babies and stress eating Nutella right out of the jar erry damn day does to you. #MumLife

But I am totally cool with that. Because did I mention that I love shopping?

So, shop I did. And it was bloody magical. I kept each look under $150 and in the end, I came out of there feeling stylish, comfortable and in-bloody credible!

So, here are the looks that I put together for you, and I hope you like them as much as I did. xxx

Look 1: 90’s Denim Overalls

90’s Overalls: Cotton on Clothing – $44.95
Sadie Scoop Sleeveless Bodysuit: Cotton On – $24.95

Let me tell you about this outfit.

I bought it for our recent holiday to the GC. I initially ummed and aaahed over purchasing these as I couldn’t help but wonder if I was too old to wear them.

But then I tried them on. And I INSTANTLY realised that I will NEVER be too old for comfort, because girl these overalls ARE amazing! Drool. Shut up and take my money.

They are super cute and let me tell you something… Now this is important, so listen closely.

They don’t ride up. No sir. They are the perfect length, so don’t ride up into any uncomfortable places. Do you know what I mean?? I hate that shit. But I tested this every time I chased after the toddler who kept trying to dive headfirst into the ocean whenever we blinked, and they were perfect. #DontBlinkMumma

But as a side note, they look super cute paired with a bodysuit, a casual tee, or over a bikini if you are having a day at the beach. Wait…Bikini??!! Oh, who am I kidding. I would wear them over my tummy control one piece with heavy duty underwire to hold my massive I-Have-Had-Two-Kids-And-These-Need-Help-Now Boobs.

Yeah. Thats more like it.

Look 2:  The Fillie Floral Jumpsuit

The Fillie Floral Jumpsuit: Petal and Pup – $59.95
Turnback Tee: Dotti – $19.95

I have only recently discovered my love of jumpsuits. They are so easy. They are a lazy girls DREAM and sir, I am the QUEEN of lazy girls.

Yep, jumpsuits are a full outfit with minimal fuss. One flick of a zip, and your totally undressed… Seriously who wouldn’t love that? #MyHusbandWouldWaitWhat!

Now, this particular jumpsuit is little bit out of my regular colour palette, as I don’t tend to wear green. Well, khaki – yes, I love to wear that shit, because it gives me a change to get five seconds of peace at home when I can blend in to bushes outside so my kids can’t find me… But green?! I am NOT used to wearing green.

But in this case I thought it was such a pretty green. And hurrah, it is even prettier IRL.

The material is very lightweight, which is perfect for Summer, and it is super cute when paired with a white tee as shown.

Look 3. The Denim Jumpsuit.

Renee Button Up Jumpsuit: Forever New $99.95
Maddison Scarf Scrunchie: $9.99

This is actually my favourite. I am totally obsessed.

Whenever I put this on I feel like I have stepped directly out of the movie Dazed and Confused. Do you remember that classic? I sure hope so kid, or we can’t be friends.

The denim material is so soft and luxurious, that I could literally lounge around and fall into a totally unconscious and drool producing sleep in it. Because that’s all I want out of life right now. To sleep.

Oh, and as an added bonus, this outfit somehow manages to make me feel much taller and slimmer than I actually am. #WhatAKindOutfitToTakeCareOfMeSoWell

I might cuddle it to sleep tonight. Thats how much I love it. Oh, and ps, I like to keep it simple with a pair of slides and a cute scrunchie. Boom.

Look 4. The Flowy Dress

Jackie Dress: Feather and Noise -$75.00

I love this dress. I don’t normally wear anything in white because I have kids. ‘Nough said right?

And what I mean by that, is that whenever you are around kids (and coz I am raising two of them, I can’t actually get away from them), everything nice that you own is automatically ruined. They don’t even have to touch your clothes, they just have to look at them and all of sudden they are covered with a months worth of snot and spew stains that will never come out.

I don’t know how it is possible, but it happens every time. Especially when I wear white.

But, I took a chance, because I loved the look of this dress so much.

And lemme tell you that I was NOT disappointed. This dress is so comfortable. It has a tie waist so you can wear it loose for an oversized flowy look, or cinched in and tied which is super flattering.

This dress is perfect for a work trip (dear lordy please don’t send me on any, I CBF’d), but is also sweet enough for a picnic in the park. #PleaseFeedMe

I paired this with my black slides from Betts for an everyday look, but it could easily be dressed up with a pair of heels for night adventures! No romance though. I’m too tired these days *shudders*.

Look 5. The Sweet Casual Spot Dress.

Sorrento Button Through Skater Dress: Dotti – $39.95

This is sweet and super flowy dress that is perfect for summer. In fact I am going to go a step further and say that it would be perfect for Christmas Day! … Because … Well, because there is plenty of room in the front for a big Christmas lunch and for more Plum Pudding and Pavlova than any human should consume in a single sitting. Without spewing anyway.

The colour is great because black as we know is very forgiving, and it has a sweet spot pattern that brings interest to the eye. And if I spill eggnog on it or brandy custard right down my front which is GUARANTEED TO HAPPEN, then none will be the wiser.

I paired this dress with my white runners from Betts to keep it casual, but it could also be dressed up with a pair of black heels. #Word

Look 6 – The Floral Jumpsuit

Sage Belted Linen Culotte Jumpsuit: Forever New – $149.95

This is the most formal outfit of the lot, and was actually purchased for my daughters christening, which will be next week. Man, I hope she doesn’t spew on it. Or poo on it. #HeresHoping

It is a comfortable and lightweight linen fabric with a gorgeous vintage floral pattern, incorporating the reds, pinks and mustards of the season, on a cream base.

I am not even kidding, but I am pretty sure that this material is exactly the same as what my grandmother had on her old couch. If I knew it was going to produce an outfit that good, I would have turned those couches into pants a long freaking time ago.

As a bonus, the ruffled neckline is really flattering. It somehow manages to make my boobs look like they are 10 years younger. And that is a major feat in itself and worth every cent.

Tell me, which look do you prefer? What is your go-to piece for the season? Leave me a comment below and tell me all about it! xxx