Since becoming a Mumma, I have discovered something kinda ridiculous. Something kinda insane. And it’s that no matter what, I am always So. Damn. Tired. Yep, I am always drool-falling-out-of-my-mouth-even-when-I-am-awake levels of tired. 

I don’t know what it is really, though I suspect it has much to do with constantly having to be “on” for 2 tiny people and an accompanying rather hairy giant person (cough, my husband… double cough).

Are you feeling me? Or… more accurately, are you so exhausted like me that all of the words in this post are actually starting to blend into one another because you are just TOO freaking tired to use your eyeballs anymore?

Yessir?! Ok good, it’s not just me.

Because girlfriend, I am finding that since having kids I am waking up exhausted, I make breakfast lunch and dinner exhausted, I go to work exhausted, I clean up after everyone exhausted, I go to the toilet exhausted, I sit like a sloth on the couch exhausted, I write blogs exhausted, and I go to bed crazily exhausted.

It is seriously the craziest of non-crazy things that I have ever had to constantly go through as an adult. Adulty-ness sucks sometimes.

Now, as I say this, I have had blood tests taken and quite frankly I am as healthy as a horse. Side note: Just how healthy ARE horses? And are they seriously the benchmark for health? Anyhoo, I got sidetracked lol.

Occasionally my vitamin B levels are a bit off, but usually they are right as rain again as soon as I take a supplement from my naturopath. #OffToTakeOneNow

So, I am thinking that I need something more. I need to do something for me.

Something where I am not needed by anyone, where I don’t feel like I need to write something, say something, be somewhere, do something that isn’t purely and selfishly for me.

Do you know what I mean? Because if you don’t, I have a list of “Me Things” that I am going to do over the next month, that are purely for me. For this mumma. For this tired fun bag lol.

And if you want, you can TOTALLY steal them. Because I am sure that you, like me feel insanely exhausted and a world away from the person that I know that I am inside. So it is my mission to get back to that. Want to join me?

“Me thing” # 1 – Massage.

I am going to book myself in for a massage with one of my favourite humans – Talia – the epic and calming legend with magic fingers, from Calm Nourish Thrive. Talia is SUCH a legend, that she will come to me, and I am so grateful about that. I mean, some days I can’t even be bothered putting pants on to leave the house, and this time I thankfully wont have to #SorryInAdvanceBabe

“Me thing” # 2 – Food Glorious Food.

I am going to try to take myself out for breakfast or a coffee each week. On my own. In silence.

And while there I am not going to look at my phone and hide behind the comfort of socials, or “work”. Nope. I am going to be present and people watch like a creep from a corner table. Because I need to get more comfortable in my discomfort.

“Me thing” # 3 – Book Worm Time.

So I am an avid reader however I haven’t really made enough time to read lately. Well, other than the same … like… 50 books that I read to the kids over and over again every day lol. But that doesn’t really count as reading for pleasure so I really need to get back to that.

“Me thing” # 4 – Sleep or Unconsciousness. I’ll take either. 

So this may sound a bit weird, but I am really going to prioritize my sleep for the next month. I am going to go to bed early and I am going to sleep as MUCH as I can. Which never actually seems to be that much these days since the toddler tyrant wakes up ALL THE TIME TO TELL ME ABOUT things that I don’t even understand at 3 stupid am. Am I right?!

Because sleep is so important. I even think that, like food, sleep is medicine. If we don’t get enough sleep it can affect us physically and mentally so I am going to make sure that I get enough to do my part for my own well being.

“Me thing” # 5 – Sing, Sing, Sing and Dance.

Look, to be honest I don’t know how much more I can sing during the day, because I already sing all the damn time. But it brings me so much joy so I am going to keep it up and I am going to sing with even MORE joy for my beautiful children.

But I am totally going to kick the dancing up a notch. There is something totally freeing and wild about dancing around the house with the kids for no other reason than just to dance for the love it. For the love of life. For the love of music. It is so uplifting.

“Me thing” # 6 – Foot Soak

This is something I have previously totally avoided. Because feet are freaking weird. But once started, I realised that it is something so relaxing and is actually so kind for ME to do. Sitting there, with my manky feet resting in a bucket of warm water and with a gorgeous smelling essential oil diffusing throughout the room, makes me feel so calm, and so peaceful.

What better way to clear the mind and … errrrrm … fix my gross feet at the same time?

“Me thing” # 7 – Kind Words. I will only speak-y them.

A fun fact about me – apart from being (self-proclaimed) utterly hilarious, I also pride myself on being a kind person. Most of the time. Although sometimes I am just a grumpy asshole.

But I want to try hard, to be as kind as I possibly can be. Even if I am totally annoyed at someone for doing something that I find utterly ridiculous, I am going to try to lead with love and put myself in their position. I am going to think of them with kindness not anger. I am only going to speak kind words. It may take me longer to think them, but I will do my best to speak them.

This world needs more uplifting.

“Me thing” # 8 – Daily Body Boost

This was a tip that I learned from the gorgeous Min Benstead. It had taken me such a long time to love my body… In fact it was really only once my daughter was born that I realised what an incredible vessel my own body was and how much I needed to stop and appreciate it.

And to get in touch with my self-love I need to remind myself every day just how much I love and appreciate every single part of me.

So, whenever I get out of the shower I do a full body moisturise and I tell each part of my body how grateful I am that it is part of me, how much I love that part of me, and WHY I love it so much.

As an example, I am so grateful for my arms. I love them and their strength so much. I love them because they have given me the ability to hold my children. They have given me the ability to shoot them and rock them to sleep when they need me. I love them because they create the most beautiful love zones as I hug my children and my husband tight. I love them so much.

“Me thing” # 9 – Feed my Brain 

I am going to carve some time out to listen to podcasts that move me forward. Whether they move me forward by providing me with extra knowledge, or by helping me understand the inner workings of my own brain, and that I AM NOT MY OWN THOUGHTS (thanks to the incredible Erika – The Queen Of Confidence for this one), I will only listen to things that build me up, not tear me down. Things that make me… well… more.

“Me thing” # 10 – Positive Thinking

I guess this kind of feeds into the above point, but I am going to focus on the gift in everything. Instead of looking for reasons to reinforce “my shitness levels”, I will instead try to do something absolutely terrifying and focus on what makes me an amazing and unique human.

I will search out the things that lift me up, and I will focus with gratitude on all of the incredible things in life that I have already.

Now, as I go through this journey over the next month, I will share what I am doing on my Insta stories under the hash tag #thisismymething.

Do you want to join me and carve out time for your own “me thing”? If so, play along and whenever you do something purely for you, then use the hashtag #thisismymething so I can applaud you for putting yourself first for once too <3