So, Facebook keeps taunting me lately. It keeps showing me all of the images of my sweet little girl from a year ago, when she was still relatively fresh out of the “oven”. Those pics make both my heart and my ovaries explode. Stop it Facebook, Stop it. The longing for my sweetly fresh baby is KILLING ME!

Those squishy cheeks. Those gummy smiles. Those intense stares. That disappointing lack of hair. #AlthoughIDidBuyHerScrunchiesForWhenSheFinallyGrowsSomeInACoupleOfYears #SoPreparedLol

But I can’t stop thinking about what she was like as a baby, especially now that I can’t technically call her my baby any more. Sob Sob she has turned into a toddler Sob Sob Sob.

Holy Moly, Shut The Front Door.

In the last month she has really changed into what feels like a completely different person.

She has moved so far beyond what I thought she would based on what she was doing last month that it is shocking, and yet it makes me so so dang proud.

Although she has been doing this for a long time, the girl LOVES to clap. It’s so bloody uplifting when you are on the receiving end of her claps because she makes you feel like you are an absolute superstar for doing the simplest of things. Like, standing up and walking to the laundry. Like, depositing a plate of toast in front of her. Like, when you do a wee. And also like, when you just simply look in her direction.

She is the very best of audiences like that.

The most exciting thing that has happened in the last month is that she started WALKING! On the 13th of March (when she was 14months and 19 days to be exact), she took her first step on her own without support. It was so exciting! It was only one step, however she had an avid audience, including her Nonna and Gramps who had come down from Ballarat to look after her for a few days, so it was SUCH an amazing achievement. She was so proud, and so were we.

About a week or so later, when we were at her other Nonna’s house, she took 6 steps through the kitchen. Even though I had recently seen the epic taking of the single step, this made me SQUEEL with delight. No-one believed me though, because it was only me in the kitchen with her at the time. #MummaAintLyin’.

Then just a few days after that, she absolutely took off, and never looked back. What a footsy legend. What a walking superstar. My girl was all grown up.

And now whenever we go out, unless we get her in the pram first without her feet touching the earth, all she wants to do is walk. Up and down, and round and round in circles. She still has such short hair that people mistake her for someone even younger than she is, but that baby waddle, that side-to-side shuffle, that glorious smile that is full of pride brings joy to everyone who see’s her walking. Even strangers. It’s such a laugh.

Her vocabulary has increased again, and she is now parroting much of what we say back to her. She can very clearly communicate when she wants something, and she has in the last week started joining a few words together – “Bottle! Please!”, or “Daddy! Up!”.

Like I said last month, I absolutely adore it now she can talk more. I really love being able to communicate more with the kids as they get older, and really love having conversations with them even if sometimes they don’t remotely listen to a thing I say.

Something I have noticed her doing quite a bit lately, which is copying her brother. If he doesn’t want to eat his dinner, she doesn’t want to. If he runs away from mummy, wanting only his daddy while screaming “Go Away Mummy I Don’t Want You” when I am desperate for a cuddle #OhEmGeeSoHurtfulLol , then she does it too. That bit totally sucks. But they always come crawling on back to mumma later. Lets hope that bit never stops.

We can already see that she is going to be a cheeky chops as she gets older. She is going to be fiercely independent and is going to want do her own thing all the time. Like right now, if you want to feed her dinner, she will hold up a spoon, look you dead in the eye and screech “mix mix!” at you until you place her bowl in front of her, and let her feed herself. Much demanding.

Regarding eating, she is not as easy as she was to feed last month when the only food she DIDN’T like, was bloody tuna. Now she has an aversion to just about anything healthy it seems (or like I said above, anything her brother doesn’t like). I suspect that this has something to do with her teeth cutting, as she just had two pop out over the last couple of weeks and has another two on the way.

So the very act of teeth coming through may make eating less enjoyable than previously. But now when she doesn’t want to eat something, she will turn her head away and clamp those lips shut so her response to the dinner that I just spent a good half an hour making for her, is obviously an unmistakable no.

Gosh I hate that part of parenthood. Making food for everyone and no meal ever being good enough. Sigh. Anyway, thats life as a Mumma I guess. Unappreciative jerks lol. One day you will ALL wish for some of mumma’s food *she says as she shakes her fist to the sky*.

Since walking, she has become obSESSED with shoes. She wants to be wearing her sparkly shoes all the time, and if she isn’t already wearing them then you will find her desperately trying to put them on shouting, “shooooes!” until someone comes along to help her with the task.

And if those shoes are ALREADY on her feet, then nothing will bring her greater job than going into my cupboard and bringing out all of my shoes too. She loves to try putting mine on, or walking around with one tucked under each arm. Obviously they are fantastic at warming one’s armpits in Autumn. Lol.

And she conveniently usually forgets to put them away again. Just like her brother. And her daddy for that matter. Bloody hell.

One thing though that has really stood out to me in the last month besides the walking, is that she has started to master what I like to call “The Sulk”. If she doesn’t get her own way, then she walks away from you in a fit of rage, howling in fury. It is actually quite adorable and makes me want to smother her with kisses JUST because I can and it may enrage her more. But at the same time it makes me nervous because I feel like I am catching a glimpse of our future together. And I suspect that in that future, she may turn into a strong willed, tough, and fiery little lady.

Which is so funny because that is EXACTLY what I want her to be. Um, to everyone but me.

Thats reasonable, right? No?

What has stood out for you in the last month of your child’s life? Have they achieved any milestones or had any wins that you would like to share? Let me know below as I would love to celebrate those moments with you <3