Woah Nelly. Am I getting old, or are the baby and her brother wearing me out? Probably both. Sigh.

I am not even kidding, the kids are moving so fast these days that I almost need a sit down just to watch them lol. I can even feel my bones creaking inside me as I watch their youthful energy and exuberance speed past me like The Mini Flashes they are.

But the wee girl is 18 months old now (almost 19 months old in fact) and she is as wild and race-y as her older brother. She can CERTAINLY hold her own in a family foot race, though I must admit, her brother DOES slow down on purpose to let her catch up… And that is almost heart warming until you realise why is is doing it. And that is usually just so he can trip her over or tackle her down to the ground which for some weird reason she actually loves. #WhatACoupleOfWierdo’s

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But now that she has discovered running, it is all she seems to want to do. In fact, her favourite activity is to run away from me at bath time like its a drunken olympic sport, her little chubby legs pumping fast as she looks over her shoulder giggling like a crazy gal. Usually she trips herself over so it makes it fairly easy to catch her, however she has recently learned the art of going totally limp-spaghetti-like once caught so she basically slides straight out of my hands once I do get to her. Well played slippery munchkin, well played.

It’s gorgeously cute and yet is as frustrating AF.

Those chubby legs that I have loved so much are starting to fade away a little and to be completely honest with you its actually making me sad to watch. I loved those damn chubby little rolls. They were chewy and so kissable and delicious that the thought of losing them makes me feel kinda sad. It is the end of an era in a way, the end of my sweet girl being her baby self. Not that she has been a baby, but still. Losing those sweet leg rolls makes me almost want to force feed her a bunch of burgers just so they don’t fade away completely.

Hmmm… is that too weird? Can I actually do that? Probably not, sigh.

Anyhoo. Back to where the wee Banshee is at now.

We had our 18 month MCHN appointment a couple of weeks ago and our nurse (who is so lovely and cares so much that it is like she is actually my kids grandmother) was thrilled with how the little lady was progressing through life. We both fist pumped the air (metaphorically), because of the way she is stringing words together, because she is ahead of her age for language. Which doesn’t surprise me because of the fact that… um… she never stops talking.

I really love talking to her and I cannot wait until she starts saying hilarious things like her older brother. He is starting to get more logical in his conversations as he grows older making less faux pas and accidental jokes which is disappointing. So I look forward to her starting to do it.

In terms of food though she is starting to become a little pickier like her brother which is a bit annoying. I refuse to make multiple meals – she gets what the rest of us are having so if she is having a fussy night then it’s kinda too bad. I have to trust that she will eat enough (and she certainly isn’t wasting away) and if she only wants to eat half of her meal I accept it rather than fight her. But that is all she gets. Because is she too full to eat all of her dinner then there is obviously no need for yoghurt or a dessert of some kind.

Whether its right or wrong, that’s how I look at it anyway.

The baby (I REALLY have to stop calling her that since she hasn’t been “a baby” for a long time now) understands all of our instructions perfectly and actually tries to help us whenever we ask her to. It’s really pleasing and I wonder how long it will last. I don’t know if it is a girl thing though however it is definitely in her nature to be helpful whenever we need it.

The only time this helpful nature of hers is annoying is when she tries to fold the washing with me. Because her idea of helping is pulling all of the neatly folded clothes out of the basket almost the very second after I have put them in there. I am such an impatient person and hate doing the same thing twice so I usually try and move her along pretty quickly to another more “helpful” activity. You know, like giving her daddy a cuddle in another room somewhere.

Which she does at any opportunity she can get… in fact she is the cuddliest little person I have ever met. Some would even call her a Koala bear. She loves to be picked up at various intervals throughout the day and sometimes even orders me to “Sit on Couch Mumma” so she can crawl into my lap and rest her head against my chest. I actually love it and although sometimes I am just desperately trying to get dinner cooked, I am so happy to do it. I think it’s because this time around I know how quickly time flies. She wont want me for that much longer, and even if she does, soon enough she will be too big for me to carry her around.

So I will enjoy it, and will enjoy her while I can. Because she is my baby no more.

I can’t wait to see what she is like next month.

Diary Of A Crazy Baby - 18 Months Old - Image (c) ellynshepherd.com Diary Of A Crazy Baby - 18 Months Old - Image (c) ellynshepherd.com Diary Of A Crazy Baby - 18 Months Old - Image (c) ellynshepherd.com Diary Of A Crazy Baby - 18 Months Old - Image (c) ellynshepherd.com

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