The babe. Oh my baby. We have reached a most momentous milestone. One that I never ever ever thought we would meet.

Sigh. Its the one where she thinks its cool to hate me. And me no-likey. Me no-likey one little bit-ty. Nope.

Well… I guess I lie a little bit because she only hates in me in patches. Like, when I put a plate of food of just about any kind in front of her (well, with the exception of hot chips. She seems to like those any old time lol). Or when I try to brush her teeth. Hates it. Hates me. Gets all whacky. Sucks.

I remember when my son decided how much he hated me, it was when he was around 2 or so years old. He got sick, and at the end of being sick he broke out in a hideously painful full body rash which saw us take him to the emergancy room at the hospital twice. But during this sickness, he didnt want a bar of me. He only wanted his daddy for comfort. It broke my heart and sucked poop loads.

And that is the way he has been ever since. If his daddy is around, he is #Obsessed and all like #Mumma?WhatMumma?”. Over time, even though it still sucked, I kind of got used to it.

Even still, once the girl babe was born I was excited for potentially having a child who would really love my unconditionally, not just when daddy WASN’T around lol. And for the most part, she plays that role super well. Like this morning – she wanted me to sit next to her while she was on the potty just so she could touch me or rest her head on my boob. See? Love.

But then this afternoon I was apparently the devil and she kept screaming at me to go away, purely because I made her a sandwich. And based on how LOUDLY she screamed over that sandwich, I can only assume she thought the sandwich was trying to kill her. Sigh. #Annoyed.

She kept yelling at me to “Go ‘way mummy, Go ‘way!”. Double Sigh. Hurtful.

As it turned out, she was just being a Grumpy “B” because I think she has another tooth coming through and was feeling precious and exhausted. I only figured this out because after she got all of the yelling-like-a-Poltergeist out her system (in which I saw the little poker starting to poke through her gum) she promptly fell asleep.

Well, more accurately, I put her into her bed which she let me know in no uncertain terms was totally against her will and once she was actually in there she shut her eyes and didn’t complain once. #Winning.

And while this isn’t usual behaviour for her, she did also spend a good part of this morning while I was getting dressed wailing with her face pressed into the floor and her bum up in the air because her daddy had gone to work. Bloody hell. So that makes me think that she has also seriously been considering making her daddy her number one (and she may wish only) parent, like her big brother.

Pffft. Not. Happy. Jan.

But other than that she is a super legend. She listens well (unless you ask her not to splash water everywhere or drown you while she is in the bath), which shocks me usually, and she always tries to help clean things if I ask her – like her place at the table, and her face and hands after eating. She also loves to be helpful by sorting the laundry with me for the eleventy-billion loads of washing that I need to get done every damn day. She does a terrible job at it though and actually makes the job at least 3 times as long as it really should take, but ten points to her for trying. Which I love.

As the sweet girl is getting older, she is getting more clingy, which you may have read about in last weeks blog – Me and My Stage Five Clinger Baby – read it here. She spends a good chunk of every day either in my lap, in my arms or holding onto my legs bossily yelling at me to pick her up or to give her a cuddle.

I kind of like it as I am a very emotional and physical touchy-feely person so I love the contact. Except when I am trying to make dinner.

But I find it really interesting to see the difference between how she is at this age, compared to her brother. He was never clingy like this until later in life. It could be a learned behaviour from watching him, it could also be from a traumatic infant loss my family experienced just before my baby was born which led me to really desperately cling to her early on in the fear that it might happen to us too, or it could just be her personality. And she might just love that physical connection to keep her feeling safe and loved and warm. Though I hope she knows how much she is loved even when we aren’t hugging her all of the time.

You would have heard me say this before, but the sweet girl only has one speed these days, and that is running at full speed. Faster than her feet can carry her in fact. She loves to run races around our house with her brother, her nappy bum wiggling from side to side, her little legs barely bending at the knee but pumping like mad until she falls over and giggles like a maniac. Though her brother pushes her down just as much as she falls down on her own. #SiblingsAreTotalJerks

She still loves dancing baby-style (aka throwing her body wildly around whilst madly waving her hands in the air)  and loves to do it regardless of if there is music playing or not. It’s so hilarious and her booty shaking brings so much joy to us all. Her brother gets into it with her, though he moves like Napoleon Dynamite. I’m not even kidding. It’s a hoot. And is my son down to a tee.


In terms of talking the girl baby is stringing sentences together. Granted that not all of her words are perfect, most are still a little baby-slurred (which is very reminiscent of me in my Uni days), but overall she is a lean mean talking machine and proudly she is further ahead in terms of talking than she needs to be. My little clever clogs. My dad said I was the same at her age… And I haven’t stopped talking ever since lol. Which may explain a lot about my adult self lol.

Squeeeeeeel, I love the way she talks, and I love the sass and the sweetness that she puts into everything she says. I don’t like it when she tells me off or when she yells at me but I love that we can converse and have so much fun together. She is growing into the most hilarious and over-excitable little person, and I bloody love it.

I can’t wait to see who she grows into next month.

Diary Of A Crazy Baby - 19 Months Old - Image (c) ellynshepherd Diary Of A Crazy Baby - 19 Months Old - Image (c) ellynshepherd Diary Of A Crazy Baby - 19 Months Old - Image (c) ellynshepherd Diary Of A Crazy Baby - 19 Months Old - Image (c) ellynshepherd

Do you have a little person in your life? What are they up to this month? Leave a comment below and tell me all about it xxx