Oh yes, I remember those days now.
The days when my sweet toddler… *whispers* … changed from being the sweetest of sweet boys to… well… something else.

Errm, he was still sweet of course *looks over shoulder to make sure that he is not reading this*, but as he grew older he changed into a little bit of a toddler tyrant. It shocked me so much that I actually wrote about it over on the gorgeous Threads For Boys website (yes, don’t you worry, you can read this most excellent and terrifying piece here).

I specifically remember when he was in the middle of an epic tantrum at the teeny tiny age of 18 months. I was standing there shocked watching him throw his body around and screeching like a banshee. I had never seen him do it before so had absolutely no idea how to react to it, and I stood there wondering what was going on. And I started to get a little nervous. Aren’t the terrible two’s supposed to start when the boy actually turns two, I wondered? Why are they kicking in now? Isn’t this way too early, I internally shrieked? I don’t know how to deal with this… 

As time went on I got used to it. I dealt with it and actually realised that it was kind of cute in a screaming red faced and insane sort of way.

Even still, when the boy turned three, I breathed a sigh of relief thinking that we had made it passed “The Terrible Two’s” relatively unscathed. Yass Mumma. We did it. I metaphorically high fived myself over what an awesome job we had managed to do to get through it.

But as he got older, the tantrums escalated to a whole new level. They became louder, a little more unreasonable and illogical and a little more accompanied by free kicky-legs. They suuuuucked.

I thought about his two year old tantrums and I laughed at how small they were in comparison to what we were now experiencing. Oh, how sweet and naive I once was, giggle giggle laugh snort. Because those two year old tantrums had NOTHING on three year old tantrums. “The Turdburger Three’s”, I like to call them. Or, more accurately – as I shudder to think of them hehehe.

Even as The Boy moved out of the “Turdburger Three” stage into “FML Four’s”, his tantrums escalated even more, and that is where we are at now with him.

Now he throws a tantrum on the most epic of levels because his lung capacity is so much louder, his arms and legs are so much whackier, and his brain has even LESS of an ability to be logical. Or, more potentially because he just cant work out what he wants on a day to day basis. He wants to be in control of his decisions but can’t actually decided. For example, when he tells me he wants the blue cup but as soon as I give it to him he wants the green cup. No effing way, kiddo. Forget the damn green cup lol. The tantrums that ensue see his head thrown back, his face redder than a fire engine, his mouth opened wide in a howl that could pierce your ear drums, and a long line of drool exiting his mouth in what seems like slow motion. Sigh.

They are actually so dramatically ridiculous, that they are laughable.

On the flip side as he has gotten older and his tantrums are extremely and painfully illogical, overall as a person HE has become MORE logical and easier to talk to. It’s quite hard to explain, however as his brain has started to develop, he is starting to develop into a caring and kind little dude.

And we are now starting to go through the same thing with our 19 month daughter. I could feel it beginning when she ran away from me screaming one day when I was just trying to put a jacket on her. And I could feel it when she shrieked so much that I am sure the neighbours thought I was killing her, when I was only trying to feed a piece of cheese that she had just asked for (at least, I think she did… she may have also been shouting cheese at me to try and get me to take her picture)…


So, it’s coming. I can feel it. My second toddler will turn into a toddler tyrant soon enough, and I don’t think there is anything I can do about it. Because it’s all to do with their development and them growing older. It’s a right of passage that almost every child will go through as they push the limits of their emotions and learn what their boundaries are.

However any which way I look at it, my son is going through it. And my daughter will too. All I can do is laugh when I can, cry when I need to, and to try and guide them the best that I can. I have done it before, so I can do it again, right?!

Wish me luck friends. Wish me luck…

Have you watched your little one turn from sweet toddlers into toddler tyrants? And if you have more than one child, have they been different in terms of how they deal with there emotions? Leave a comment below and tell me all about it xx