Well, that’s it. It’s happened. The baby has changed. I can’t really piece together HOW it happened but it did. Sigh, my wee babe has grown the frick up. I love it. I hate it. I miss her. And yet I’m excited all at the same time. Am I hormonal? I don’t know.

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So the baby is 20 months old now, and she has become SUCH a nurturing carer. She knows so much more than I could have imagined and cares for others in a way that I never knew possible. She seems to know what people need and gives it to them.

Although its not hard to know what me, her mumma, needs when I basically run after her shouting at her to love me more. I think that desperate need I have is pretty obvious to everyone lol.

However in all honesty, affectionate is one of the main words that describe her, and I love that soooooo much about her. I am super affectionate myself so it’s right up my ally to have someone who wants me hug and smooch me as much as I want to hug and smooch them! It’s not just me though, the sweet girl just wants to cuddle EVERYONE around her and smother them with kisses and I ADORE that about her. She almost kills me everyday with her sweetness and affection.

In fact, the baby has so much love stuffed inside her tiny little body that I don’t know how she doesn’t poop rainbows. I just don’t.

She is getting a little sassier as she gets older, and has started saying “no” to the most annoying of things. For example – we ask her not to swan dive off the coffee table as we don’t want her to bust her face. And we offer her a kind alternative of sitting on her bum. She looks at us, smirks, and in her teeny tiny baby voice she shouts an unequivocal “NO!”. *gasps in shock*. WTF? Who are you? Do as I say for a little bit longer please?! “NO!”.

And she is starting to enter that very confusing phase where she doesn’t know what the heck she wants. Or, maybe she does but she just wants to push all your buttons, forcing you into to a nuclear level of rage and confusion before she admits it. “I don’t want it! Yuck!” She shouts as she pushes her plate away from her even though she literally has not tasted a thing yet. And then when you take it away from her she cries “Back Mumma! Want it back!”. Sigh. Must you test me this way tiny person?

I mean, I love you, but seriously this is so annoying.

But then she makes up for this whacky confusion by turning on the charm.

She follows me around asking for me to pick her up, and if for some reason I cant comply, she leans in kisses me on the leg, squeals “hi mumma!” with so much joy that I am worried that I am about to get stabbed by an actual sunbeam. It’s so sweet.

And recently when I was super sick with the flu she took so much care of me. She kept stroking my face and giving me kisses saying “hot mummy, so hot”. She was so gentle and I swear if she knew how to wet a flannel and wipe my face over to cool me down, I think she would have. Instead she did the next best thing. She leaned over and when I was feeling especially feverish, she would lick me. I am not even kidding. She NEVER licks me. But I must have tasted disgustingly delicious while sick. Vom.

I hope she doesn’t catch it.

When she isn’t licking me, she is still an absolute joy.

Her comprehension and knowledge retention is actually out of this world. She remembers everything she hears in song. Which, in this household is basically EVERYTHING because we are ALWAYS singing!

She can sing the Alphabet song, Twinkle Twinkle, Incy-Wincy Spider, Old MacDonald, Rock a Bye Baby, Catch a Falling Star, Dingle Dangle Scarecrow and the Sydney Swans theme song to name just a few. And although she misses some words here or there she actually sometimes knows more than I do. Scary. Lol.

The babe can count forwards and backwards to ten (though sometimes she forgets 8). Mind you whenever she gets to the number she intended to count to, she squeals BLASTOOOOOOFFF which is both cute and rather alarming at the same time if you aren’t expecting it lol.

She loves anything that she hears on the radio and will sing as much as she can, even if it is just to herself while we are driving along in the car with the sound off hehehe.

And Dancing? Dancing is still totally her thang. She shakes her booty, throws her hands in the air, runs around in circles, and taps her feet about wildly more than an Irish Dancer on speed. She loves music and will dance even if there is only a beat that she can jig out to.

The baby girl loves watching Emma Wiggle on the tv and even loves Lah-Lah (which I cannot understand, but each to their own). But her favourite thing to watch at this age? Bluey. But maybe that’s coz its MY favourite show, and she seems to love what we love.

Oh, and she also weirdly loves to watch American BBQ recipes being cooked on YouTube. Again, I think thats just because we as a family love eating it hehehe. She will watch someone cut into a cooked slab of brisket or ribs with wide eyes exclaiming “Mmmmmm YUM!” supportively at the end of every video. IN all fairness, the food we look at really DOES look yum.

Her favourite book in the whole world is Farmer Clegg’s Night Out, and any book from the Spot collection. She also loves a random Easter Bunny book that someone got us last Easter, and we usually read all 3 books (changing up the Spot books though to keep it from being totally mind-numbingly boring) at night after the bath.

One thing that drives me wild is the way she brushes her teeth. We brush the kids teeth in the bath every night, and she INSISTs on brushing them herself to start with. When I try to help her, she weirdly will only do it if I get her out of the bath. She stands next to it, holds on to the side and then once I am finished she insists on hopping back in the bath once more. Odd. But ok.

And she is the girliest of girls. Her brother never did this ever, but she loves going into my cupboard and trying on my shoes. Even if I am not around she will pick out a pair, slide her feet in and will shuffle around the house in these giant shoes looking proud as punch that she is doing so. She LOVES pretending to put on lip balm, and LOVES putting a variety of things on her wrist like a bracelet.

The sweet girl also loves putting on a bracelet or a headband and has tried her hand at finding a bag to sling over her shoulder.

She is helpful AF, and will try her best to help me load the washing machine every week. She will also help me unload the dishwasher, and yesterday even yelled at me until I let her vacuum the kitchen floor. Which I am secretly, and yet not so secretly thrilled about.

She is the happiest, the kindest and most smoochable baby, and I am totally grateful for who she is.

I have loved watching her over the last month, and can’t wait to see who she becomes next month. xx

Diary Of A Crazy Baby - 20 Months Old - Image (c) ellynshepherd Diary Of A Crazy Baby - 20 Months Old - Image (c) ellynshepherd Diary Of A Crazy Baby - 20 Months Old - Image (c) ellynshepherd Diary Of A Crazy Baby - 20 Months Old - Image (c) ellynshepherd

Do you have a tiny person in your life? Tell me what cute things they are up to this month, I would love to know! xx