You know when you get to that point – when you are so close to two years old that you start forgetting what “month” you are up to? Yerrrrp, that is me right now. I keep forgetting how old my baby is. She is errrrrm… something years old. Or… um… she is … um… getting older months old. Yes. That’s it.

Oooh, sorry, I honestly don’t know anymore. *throws hands confusedly into the air*.

Look I figure that it’s ok to not really remember because most people find that referring to age in the form of months is too bloody hard anyway. For example – “Oh hullo, we just met but I thought you would like to know that I am 456 months old“. *Insert fellow human staring blankly back at me*. Sigh. I am 38. See what I did there? Confusing? Yes.

Truth be told, we actually enjoy talking in the age measurement of months while our kids are young because it’s nice to know that other people can feel just as freaking confused as we commonly do now that we are mothers.

Well, except for the monthly age thing. Here, other mum’s will be nodding their head in understanding because we as a gender are so good at translating weird apparently nonsensical shit into actual facts (thanks random story telling 3-4 year olds). Mumma’s, we are so clever.

But enough of that, because I really need to get to the point already. Which is that my little girl is almost 2. She will turn 2 in officially one month and .. um… 20 days at the time of writing this. And I am kinda freaking out about it. On one hand I love it because I love seeing the way she is growing and developing whilst sass talking and throwing shade. But on the other hand, I miss her sweet baby self and can’t believe just how much of a “grown up” she is becoming already.

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Once upon a time I had thought babies were too boring. I had forgotten just how gorgeous they actually are until last week.

Because last week I visited my beautiful friend Kryshla from @shallwesocial, and her new baby. I shall call him Sweet Mr Squishy for the purposes of this blog. He was so teeny tiny, cuddly and crazily sleepy. And while he slept (and Kryshla and I gossiped and took turns yelling at my kids to stop doing whatever messy/throwy thing they were doing) I watched his sweet sleeping face and I felt my ovaries almost fall out of my body once more with longing for another fresh baby of my own someday.

You see, I love everything about them – the hope and optimism for the future, their smell (well… sometimes, after the sour hands smell disappears anyway – read more about that grossness here), those sweet joyous and innocent smiles. They are tiny bundles of endless love. And I miss that.

But there is so much to be said at the same time for babies growing older. I have watched my little baby girl develop her own sense of self, and watching her personality shine through has been such a pleasure.

Except of course for the tantrums which have started to come through over the last month or so a little more frequently. They are less of a pleasure though still surprisingly amusing in reality. Now when she throws a tantrum, she will (if in close enough proximity) give you a big old whack before turning her back on you and howling. Sometimes she lies flat on the floor, red-face down and kicks her feet whilst throwing the aforementioned tantrum.

Most times I can only laugh because it’s cute that such a tiny person can feel such rage over something as tiny as the unauthorised usage of a pink pencil. Or the fact that the apple they had so desperately asked for, was thrown in the bin after they uttered the words “yuck, no more mummy”. Sigh.

The poor tiny things are so confused.

But thankfully even at this age, the tantrums still relatively are few and far between. And overall the little lady is still a joy to parent.

She smiles from ear to ear 98% of the time, and loves to make us laugh with her cute antics, her full body dance moves or the way she tries to be an adult more often than not. An tiny adult who can still barely speak English, and who thinks a butter knife is actually a spoon, but still…

The little smiley faced girl loves to sing and tries to sing most songs she hears, even if she has never heard them before. She loves to belt out a soulful, slightly off-key but totally correct rendition of The ABC song, and Twinkle Twinkle when you least expect it, which is both delightful and intense. Her absolute favourite song of choice right now is Happy Birthday. Sometimes its like she is actually stuck on repeat. And each rendition comes with a re-enactment of blowing out birthday candles. Spit flies everywhere, and some even got in my eye the other day, but it’s totally adorable regardless.

She loves to watch my mouth when I sing her new songs. I can see her trying to file away the words she can understand for later usage. She tries sometimes to sing the words along with me by guessing what may come next. So cute. So clever. So totally trying to steal the limelight. Jokes.

She dances so differently than she used to.

The little Ladypants no longer does “The Snake” like she once did, but instead hops about like she is three peas short of a pod in a move that I like to call “mad-as-a-hatter-whilst-stepping-on-hot-rocks”. She throws in all kinds of random and unexpected arms movements during her one-man dancing performances, and if you’re not careful you may even cop a flying windmill hand into the groin if you aren’t correctly protecting your bits.

My baby girl can count to 17, and she LOVES to draw. Circles mainly, but she also has a fascination with drawing birthday cakes. Well, to be totally accurate, her fascination actually involves yelling at me until I give in and draw a birthday cake for her to then scribble all over, but that counts as the same thing a doing itself right?

Lately she has also taken to drawing on her own tummy/face/hands. Which as led to me confiscating all texta’s from her. Hands off ’em little lady.

Something that brings me a lot of joy is her desire to help. To help unload the dishwasher. To help with the washing. To get her brother a drink if he needs one #Sucker. She is a bloody legend, and I can feel my load lightening just a bit. Now, to get her brother trained the same way.

Overall, she is growing into the sweetest, most loving little human. She gives full body cuddles and loves us hard. She makes sure that we know that we are her whole world. And that she is ours.

I’ll always be grateful that she is ours. And I cant wait to see who she grows into next month. xx

Diary Of A Crazy Baby - 22 Months Old - Image (c) ellynshepherdDiary Of A Crazy Baby - 22 Months Old - Image (c) ellynshepherd Diary Of A Crazy Baby - 22 Months Old - Image (c) ellynshepherd Diary Of A Crazy Baby - 22 Months Old - Image (c) ellynshepherd Diary Of A Crazy Baby - 22 Months Old - Image (c) ellynshepherd Diary Of A Crazy Baby - 22 Months Old - Image (c) ellynshepherd Diary Of A Crazy Baby - 22 Months Old - Image (c) ellynshepherd Diary Of A Crazy Baby - 22 Months Old - Image (c) ellynshepherd

Do you have a tiny little person in your life? What are they up to this month? Leave a comment below and tell me all about it xxx