Well. That’s it. I am a huge ball of emotion today as I write this. Because my sweet baby girl has now turned two, and all I can say about that is sniffle sniffle sniffle. Sob Sob Sob.

I have known that she isn’t a baby for a while now, in fact I remember blubbering to you all when I realised that she was a baby no more. But it extended even beyond that feeling the day she turned two… which, at the time of writing this, was at the end of last month.

And I don’t know how I feel about it anymore.

My girl. Two Years Old. And a baby no more. Sigh.

I feel that turning two has turned her into a sassy pants / independent little lady who barely needs me unless its to eat the hot chips on my plate. Double sigh.

Oh this is the absolute best part and the hardest part of being a parent – watching your kids grow up, become more independent and grow free of you. And I am torn between the feeling of wanting to hold her so bloody close, and letting her fly free like the cheeky and happy little butterfly she is.

And yes, I know, I know. Even as I write this, I know that she will still need me for many more years until we all reach the point where we can happily part ways coz we will have annoyed each other so much. I mean, teenage girls are the absolute worst, right? I know I was.

But right now, the very thought of her growing up and away from us is making me so emotional that I think I need to stuff tissues up inside my nose to deal with the snot and tears that keeps threatening to leak out of me. Ew gross.


But, for the sake of this diary, I will try to pull it together, put on my big girl pants once more and write the account of what my baby girl was like in her 23rd month, up until the day she turned… sob…two.

Well, firstly let me say that holy moly, as she has gotten older she seems to have come to the realisation that she is a Princess who must be carried and cuddled at all times. Lucky for her I am totally cool with that as I also like a good air-cutoff-ingly cuddle at thirty second intervals during the day. #UpForAnything  #IMeanWhoNeedsToBreatheAnyway

You can read about my girl being a Stage Five Clinger Baby here.


Yep, I am still so needy like that…

Other than that, the little lady has found a real passion for singing and dancing. She cuts a rug wherever and whenever she can – like this very morning when she started dancing in the middle of the coffee shop. Sometimes I really wanted to join her, but these days I sit down as much as I can. Because #OldNow.

And she sings SO much that while it was always my dream to sing with my kids (not like the Von Bloody Traps, just like shower and car singing sessions), I wasn’t prepared for how often she would demand that I “Stop Singing Mummy” JUST so she could take centre stage and listen to herself sing.

I would like to point out that I know all the words and she does not, but I refrain myself. Because I am all adulty. Kinda. Sometimes. #GiveMeTheMicrophoneAlreadyChildOfMine


She has started taking longer to fall asleep at night. We put her to bed at 7:20ish (sometimes earlier if I can get my way) and for the next 30-40 minutes you might hear her singing softly to herself. Either “E.M.M.A- Emma!” or “Sing Sing Sing…Singing!” are her bedtime songs of choice. Although occasionally you will hear her ripping out a “La La La La La” as she makes up her own tune to fall asleep to. I admire her creativity, I really do. But I wish she would just go the frick to sleep. I mean, I have much eating-of-alcoholic-icy-poles-in-front-of-Netflix to do. Priorities, right?

The girl babe has a playful personality who is ready to laugh, and her favourite game at the moment is playing with her brother.

They take turns slamming the door in each others faces and then falling over whilst roaring with laughter. Well, one usually screams in annoyance whilst the other one laughs, but I figure that at least one of them at a time is having fun and they are not whacking each other, so who am I to judge right (asks judgy mc judge-face)?


She has also recently started to follow in her brothers footsteps, in that she yells loudly on the odd occasion that one of us is yucky and that she wants to put us in the bin. I’d like to see her try with those teeny weeny arms. Bring it on sista. #ICanTotallyTakeYou

The little clever clogs can count to 20 (though instead of “seven” she insists on saying “eleven”), and she can sing her ABC’s, and interesting really enjoys listening to the occasional bit of punk rock which is incredibly bold of her. She headbangs along. Not even kidding.

Whenever I sing a song where she doesn’t already know the words, she watches me so intently that its borderline creepy (jokes) and tries to copy the words as I say them so she feels like she is really singing along too. It’s totally annoying when her father does it but cute when she does it. Jokes again.

She is a very loving and affectionate little lady. As mentioned above, she is always looking for cuddles and kisses. She is always telling us how much she loves us – “Lub you Mummy” (yes, with a “b”) and she is very helpful, always looking for ways to help me, whether it be helping with the never-ending laundry, cleaning the windows (which she is TERRIBLE at, TERRIBLE!), or unloading the dishwasher (PUT DOWN THE KNIFE MISSY!!).

The little lady is a joy to parent and a pleasure to be around. Although she could do with a little more patience at times, she is so dang grateful for everything and everyone she has in life. And she sure lets you know it. What a gal. I can’t wait to see who she becomes next month.

Do you have a tiny person on your hands? What are they up to this month? Leave a comment below and tell me all about it xx

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