I haven’t said anything about black injustice. And today I realized why.
And the why of it is, that I am ignorant AF. Probably disgustingly so.
Please, just hear me out.

I was speaking to a good friend on Tuesday about #blackouttuesday and I mentioned to her that I just didn’t know what to say. About the violent and tragic racism in America. And even the violent and tragic racism that is, and has been, occurring in my own country for so horrifically long. I didn’t know what to say. I didn’t feel like I could even BEGIN to articulate the right thing, and so I didn’t say anything at all.

It made me feel sick to my stomach. And it made me cry. To think of a man who is hated for no other reason than the colour of his skin. To think of him dying with a knee to the throat, begging to be allowed to breathe, begging for water, begging for help, begging for his mother until he died. Begging.

To think that this still happens at all at this time, in our world, it brings me to my knees. And yet still, I didn’t say anything.

And today I watched a short IGTV video from Dixie Crawford which called me, and other people who don’t say anything about Black Injustice, completely out. Watching it made me so fucking uncomfortable because watching it made me realize that she was abso-bloody-lutely right. I am not a racist person in any way. I try to teach my kids that it doesn’t matter what the colour of someone’s skin is – it’s the person that counts. And yet still, my ignorance is just not bloody good enough. My silence is just not bloody good enough.

And even more terrifying – my silence will not break the cycle. My silence in a way tells the world that I condone what has happened even though I desperately DO NOT. It makes me feel sick and scared that people can treat other people in such an inhumane way. That people can think that the colour of someone’s SKIN makes them any lesser than they. That they can be treated worse, more coldly, and more callously than animals. That they can be harassed and hunted every day of their lives because of what they look like. It’s disgusting. And it’s fucking ignorant.

But in my silence, so am I. Yes, I stayed silent. And for that, I am truly so sorry.

And it changes for me today. From today I will make sure that I am no longer be ignorant. Today I will learn more, do more, be more. And I hope that you will too. Because we are the only ones who can break this cycle, stop the violence, the deaths, and the oppression.

Learn about your country. Learn about your people, your history.
Learn as much as you can. Learn how to be a fucking better human. Learn how to treat others. Learn how to love. And please please PLEASE learn how to make this a fucking better world where the colour of your skin is not an automatic death sentence.

Are you ready to learn more, speak out more, and STOP black injustice? Please join with me and break the cycle. Please share any resources that you think we MUST see in the comments box below x