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Parent or Crazy-pants?

Ellyn Shepherd / Bloggity Blog, Mumma / / 0 comments

I love babies. I mean, I have always thought they were lovely and fine and blah blah blah, but now that I have one of my very own I have found that I really REALLY love babies. They are so freaking cute, and all seem to be such squidgy, wriggly, happy little souls. (more…)

The First Smile

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Wait…did he just fart or is he smiling at me? Those first few weeks after you bring your baby home are tough. Trying to master the change, feed, play, sleep schedule on minimal sleep can be a challenge. You find yourself bleary eyed and dreaming about the day when your little person looks at you and smiles, rather than just staring at you with that concerned who the hell are you and what the hell am I doing here look on his or her face. (more…)

This Breastfeeding Business

Ellyn Shepherd / Baby, Bloggity Blog, Mumma / / 20 comments

Well. Breastfeeding was hard. Much harder than I thought. As a woman you believe it to be a natural process, and that it is instinctual for both your body and your baby to feed and to in turn be fed. You take the ability to do it for granted. I looked forward to this beautiful & relaxing process and thought it was my special gift as a woman and my natural right as a future mother, to be able to feed my own child with my body. And like a jerk, I had smugly assumed that it would be easy. And of course it can be…it just wasn’t that way for me. For me, it was one of the hardest things I have ever done. (more…)

The Ten things you NEVER say to a pregnant woman

Ellyn Shepherd / Bloggity Blog, Life, Mumma / / 0 comments

People say the darndest things when you are pregnant. As soon as you announce your joyous news (that there is a small bundle of human that looks a wee bit like a tadpole flapping about in your insides), people around you suddenly morph into clairvoyants and mind readers (clever bastards) with no filter.  (more…)

The Chubby Hand Obsession

Ellyn Shepherd / Baby, Bloggity Blog, Mumma / / 0 comments

If you have read the blog about my labour and birth, then you will know that my baby came into the world to the sounds of shock as to the size of his hands. Look at the size of his hands and feet the surgeons exclaimed! As I looked at his large purple fingers and toes, I hoped he would grow into them…you know, like puppies do. (more…)

My labour: The Birth Plan vs Reality

Ellyn Shepherd / Bloggity Blog, Mumma, My Real Birth Story Series / / 4 comments

I was ready for labour. Totally ready. Like an athlete before a big race, I was focused, I was psyched, I was pumped. I felt so mentally and physically prepared and was ready to take on whatever the universe threw my way, however I assumed that what was going to be thrown my way was a brilliant relaxing labour. I was already metaphorically fist pumping the air over what a good job I was going to do. I was smug. I was an idiot. (more…)


Instagram post 2246453366271841363_2224857444 * THE WEIRD AND WONDERFUL LIFE OF KINDER * . Gawd, kinder. It’s a brand new world, amiright? 🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️ . Firstly, there is the kinder lunch navigation. I mean, how the frick can I fill each of those little squares in that bloody bento lunch box with something new and exciting? *Oooh a vegemite sandwich Mummy! That’s exotic!* . How do I find the “unicorn” of the veggie world that my son will snack on without going on hunger strike because veggies are “DISGUSTING MUMMY, DISGUSTING!” 🤢 . Yerp, the food juggle is hard work. . And then comes the brand new friendships that need to be conquered for both child and Mumma alike. Sigh. . The awkward shuffle at pick up time when no-one remembers each other’s name “Oh hi... you! How’s your... child... enjoying kinder?”. Or getting dragged past the Mums you REALLY want to chat with because your small kinder sized human is trying to dislocate your shoulder as they pull you out of the gate. . And the final awkward moment when your son tries to drag you to his new friends house but the mum doesn’t really want you to go coz you don’t know each other from a bar of soap, but that’s cool coz you think it’s too soon anyway? . Yep. It’s the weird and wonderful world of kinder. And I’m only just starting to navigate it. Bloody hell. . Are you a new kinder or school mum? How are you going navigating all of the new weirdy-weirdness? Tell me all about it below ❤️ . The boy wears @frankie_and_roy Gorgeous 📸 by @nataliedaviesphotography
Instagram post 2245021591872131912_2224857444 * HAPPY BELATED V-DAY FRIENDS * . So, we don’t really celebrate Valentine’s Day usually. I mean, we used to. Before we had kids when we had all the time in the world to do aaaalllll of the things. *insert hysterical laughter here* . But ain’t nobody got time for dat no mo’. . Now we are too busy wiping bums and making snacks (not necessarily in that order) to do much in the way of romancin’. . This year however, I gave it a half arsed shot. I wrote a card full of lovely words and only 2 or so spelling mistakes and hid it in his lunch box. . So sweet if I do say so myself. . Morning tea time came and went. And I didn’t hear a thing. Lunch time came and went. Nothing either. Afternoon tea time? Forget about it. Zero. . So I gave in to the excitement, which was now ten percent annoyance and called him. . “HAVEN’T YOU EATEN ANYTHING OUT OF YOUR LUNCHBOX TODAY?” I squealed down the line at him. He sheepishly replied no. #CaughtOutEatingTakeaway . He opened it, and loved it. And felt such guilt that he bought me a card and a gorgeous bunch of flowers on the way home. #WinningThroughGuilt . Are you a V-Day celebrator or do you let the day pass you by like we usually do? Tell me below ❤️❤️ . Ps Rad 📸 by super romantic @jessworrallphotography
Instagram post 2243539885407215956_2224857444 * BMX BANDIT * . So this kid only recently found the courage to start riding a bike. 🚲 . I don’t blame him. I mean, it’s not like he has a great example to learn from - because once upon a time when I was a suave and carefree kid gracing Grade 4 with my very presence, I fell off a bike and ripped my face apart. Yes that’s why my half of my lip hangs low for those of you playing along... It’s like 90% scar tissue. 😭😭😭 . So even though I really really want to ride more, I just... don’t really. 🤔 . But boy oh boy since HE found the courage to ride, going for a ride is all he has wanted to do. 🙏🏻🥺🚲🙌🏻❤️ . Though when I say “going for a ride”, what I mean is he basically wants me to ram him with my daughters pram up a steep-ish hill (so he barely has to peddle) just so he can fly down the other side again. #Exhausted #SeeingThatHappyFaceOnTheOtherSideThough 😝😝😝 . His joy is so catching. Hope he holds onto that feeling forever. . Did your little person fall head over heels in love with bike riding from day 1? Or did they take a little while to work up the courage like this guy 👆🏻? #SometimesTheHareWinsTheRaceRight??
Instagram post 2239956216989973352_2224857444 * IT’S MAN FLU SEASON AGAIN * . Ermagawd. It’s not ACTUALLY man flu season but somehow it seems like every man I know is sick as a dawg right now. 🐶🤢🐶🤢 . Including this hairy bearded man of mine. 👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻🤦🏻‍♀️ . And I must say that USUALLY he is brilliant. He pushes through most of the time with a sniffle and a snort, but without a complaint in the world. . I want to high five him in fact for being so damn resilient. 🙏🏻 . But when it hits, boy oh boy does it hit him HARD. 😭 . So, this guy complained about a sore throat last week while I was overseas for work, and by the time I got home he went from regular ouchy sore throat to “I think I’m dying” levels of sick. 🤢 . He couldn’t get out of bed. He was white as a ghost. Oh, and apparently he also couldn’t stop coughing all over my pillow. 😳 . He lost the ability to speak from all of the sore throatiness, only communicating in grunts and wild WILD hands. Which quite frankly annoyed the shit out of me. Because I don’t understand pointing and finger snapping on principle. 🙅🏻‍♀️ #nope . But all of this sicky-sicko-ness meant that he got to check out of parenting for a bit while he tried to get better. And the best way to do that? Well, apparently Play Station is the new antibiotic. 🤯 #FMLIWish . I do feel sorry for him, coz I get how shit it is when you feel like absolute death without getting any sort of chance to rest. While teeny tiny people scream your name and jump on you. When even the very thought of eating dinner next to a tiny person who wants you to talk non-stop to them about the habits of their bum, makes you want to cry ugly snot filled tears. Ugh. It’s the pits. The absolute worst. But thats just the joys of parenthood, right. *nods exhaustedly but enthusiastically* . So, here’s to hoping The Hairy Husband feels better STAT and that in no way has he coughed his sicko germs all over my face while I’ve been sleeping. Coz #aintnobodygottimeforthat But if he did then here’s to hoping that I can check out of parenting for a few days to the same degree. #IllTakeItHoweverICanGetIt . Is your husband or partner the same when they get the man flu? Tell me all about it below! Xxx
Instagram post 2235874830792317541_2224857444 * I M N O T C R Y I N G . Y O U ‘ R E C R Y I N G ! * . Gaaaah, this little munchkin (pictured here on his first birthday sob sob sob) starts 4 year old kindergarten today. And I’m shattered because I’m not there to celebrate his big day or see him off. . Not that he knows that he is just about to hit the most amazing big boy milestone so he couldn’t care less if I’m there or not 🤷🏻‍♀️ But I know. And it sucks. . So I this little guy has the best day today... without me... 😂 I hope learns lots and makes loads of new friends. Oh, and that he can navigate his lunchbox #ShouldHavePractisedFirst . And also I hope The Hairy Husbo takes loads of pictures for me so I can pretend I was there (BIG HINT HUSBO!) 😘 . Have you missed any of your child’s milestones? Tell me about it below and let’s cry together 🥺🥺
Instagram post 2234861728756094667_2224857444 * B L O G T I M E ! * . Ah, parenting, hey?! The greatest mystery and the hardest job that ever wiz was. It’s a mystery in that you never know what the day will hold. And it’s the hardest job because... well... because kids are a little insane. 😳 . Some days? Some days these kids are two shining stars, shooting sunbeams and joy all over the place. But some days are tough as hell. 🥺 . Some days I am too tired to parent and I don’t even remember my own name let alone how to entertain two tiny little sleep stealing kidlets. 😴 . But entertain them it seems they always want us to do. Coz kids are Always. Bloody. On. . Even when we are so tired we are slumped in the corner with drool coming out of our mouths they refuse to slow the frick down. The little bloody energiser bunnies. 🐰 . So this latest blog post is about one of those most exhausting days where all I could do was drool, and write about it 🤤 . So, head to the link in my bio to read all about it and then come back here and tell me what tips do you have for getting through days like this? ❤️

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