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Diary of a Crazy Baby – Four Months Old

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Eat. Play. Sleep. Repeat. That is my life now, right there in that sentence. It’s like Groundhog day over and over again (read about my Groundhog experience with my firstborn son here). And don’t get me wrong, I love it, but I forgot just how monotonous having a baby can be. Monotonous Monotonous Monotonous. Someone get me out of the house Monotonous. (more…)

Diary of a Crazy Baby – One Month Old

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Holy crapoly. She is here. She is here. My second tiny human is here! What the heck am I supposed to do with such a tiny baby again? Can someone please tell me? … And … Why is there a bunch of fuzz floating around where memories of the first few weeks of my FIRST tiny human’s life should be??!! Was I asleep …like…the entire time? Probably. WTF. (more…)

My Real Birth Story – Cath Lankford

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My Real Birth Story – Cath Lankford Pregnancy a second time is a weird thing. It’s as if you’re a glutton for punishment! I mean yes, you hopefully get another beautiful baby out of it, but you know what’s coming the whole time. You know that at the end of the process there is something the size of a BASKETBALL that needs to exit a very tiny hole to get out of your body… (more…)

Babies Are Time Stealers

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Oh Em Gee. Babies, huh?! God DAMN they are gorgeous and hilarious. Yes they are, but they can also be the craziest of time stealers. And when I say that babies are time stealers, I mean that they LITERALLY MAKE TIME DISAPPEAR for their parents without anyone ever noticing! I am not even kidding. I swear to god, I am so busy with the baby every day (and the toddler for that matter), that I get up in the morning, think about the long day ahead, FUCKING blink and all of a sudden it’s bed time.AND FOR THE FREAKING LIFE OF MY I HAVE GOTTEN NOTHING DONE ALL DAY. Although…hooray for bedtime! Woo! Let me explain this phenomenon further. (more…)


Instagram post 2116758187051810548_2224857444 * F R I Y A Y  L E S S O N ! *
I’m feeling super tired at the moment. Work is getting super busy again so much so that I feel like I’m barely getting anything ACTUALLY done...
And our weekends are jam packed with ALL of the things. 🥅☕️🛒🧘🏻‍♀️🏀⚽️🧺🥪🍲🍷
I’m exhausted. And if I am, I bet you are too. 😴
So what do I do when I am too tired to emotionally face life and adulthood?
I catch up with family that I adore at a play centre and let the kids entertain themselves for a few hours. I buy them hot chips for lunch. I buy them a gingerbread man each (and eat most of The Girls myself). We spend time doing nothing...❤️
We put the TV on this afternoon while the girl slept, and I hugged my son pretty much all afternoon. It’s been bloody glorious.
I’m still tired, but my heart is full ❤️
So the lesson is, when ur feeling exhaustedly freaking exhausted, then try to slow the heck down.
Yes, chill the frick out. And spend time with those you love and those that make your soul shine again ❤️
It will fill your cup again... 😘❤️
Tag a friend who fills YOUR cup...
I’m tagging some mumma’s who fill mine whether they know it or not ❤️
Instagram post 2113097331118158592_2224857444 * B L O G  T I M E ! *
19 months old. 19 freaking months old. .
The sweet girl has grown up so much in the last month, and is turning into such a little person now.
One that runs, laughs, is cheeky, demands to dress herself (horribly I might add), and one who loves everyone around her with every bone in her body.
She is the sweetest little girl, and gives the best cuddles.
She also gives the best open palmed slaps. And by “best” I totally mean the worst. It’s the pits. Slaps suck.
Oh, and she dances with more enthusiasm than I do when I desperately chase chocolate crumbs in the pantry after a particularly rough day.
So, head to the blog post via the link below, and then come back and tell me - do you have a little person in your life now?
What cheeky little monkey things are they up to? Leave a comment below as I would love to hear all about it xxx
Ps. Rad 📸 by only-slighter-older-than-19-months-legend @jessworrallphotography .
Stunning headband by @luluandmilly .
Cost knit by @targetaus (old)
Instagram post 2110974871459367257_2224857444 * T H E S E  T W O *
Not that you can tell in this particular pic because The Boy is howling in disgust over being asked to “smile” and The Girl has totally body slammed him UFC style in annoyance that he is ruining her moment in front of the camera, but these two love each other so much. ❤️
I can see it in the way that The Girl runs around the house every day stopping occasionally to breakdance or yell at anyone around her to pick her up. #SahFreakingBossy ... but as soon as The Boy disappears from her view she starts calling out for him “Aheeeee! Where aaaaah oooooo?!”. 💓💓
She hates not being near him. She misses him. Probably just misses giving him a good old whack on the head to be honest... Or the bum. #TheseTwoAreSoWeirdTogetherLikeThat 😂
But long story short, she will not rest until he is by her side again. Or until someone distracts her with food. 🍗
#totallymychild .
But, their relationship is changing a little bit now that the girl is getting older. She is getting bossier (ermagawd how do you get bossier than bossy?)... and this means that now they take TURNS pushing each other out of my lap so they can hop in it instead. It ain’t just a one sided affair anymore. .
Ps, they do that purely just to annoy the shit out of each other, not ACTUALLY because they want affection from their SECOND favourite parent... aka. ME... 😫
But most of the day they spend time playing together, and cuddling each other, and they are beautiful to watch. They both snuggle in,
wrap their arms around each other and rest their sweet heads against one another. It’s so peaceful. ❤️
And in those moments I see everything that I hoped for when I became a mum. A family full of love. Children full of joy. Besties. .
And it makes me feel happy. And fulfilled. And a little like I need a wee #mumlife 🤦🏻‍♀️💦
I’m so grateful for these two babies of mine, and I hope they stay besties forever... ❤️❤️❤️
Whose babes are besties? Tell me all about how much they love each other in the comments below 🙌🏻❤️
Instagram post 2109491710485487865_2224857444 * O H  Y E R  I T S  G A M E
T I M E ! *
Oh hey guys! *waves madly and trips over* #DamnitSigh
I thought I’d play a game with you on this cold cold winters night tonight ...❤️
The game is called “Lie Or Fact, Motherfactor!!” *shouts loudly*
It’s where I tell you three random facts about myself and one lie and YOU have to pick the lie. .
Squeeeeeeel! So excited. Coz games are motherfacting fun 😂
So here we go... .
1. When I was young I used to go red in the face just thinking about going red. ☺️
2. I eat my favourite foods on the right side of my mouth. 😬
3. My mum sometimes accidentally calls me Eric (and we don’t know anyone named Eric)
4. I have the same jumper in 4 different colours coz it’s comfy
5. I don’t like fruit salad. It’s dumb. .
Sooo, head to the comment below and have a guess which number is the big old fat LIE!! And you will win ... absolutely nothing except the satisfaction of knowing your a clever clogs. And a Queen Motherfactor 👑 🙌🏻🙌🏻❤️
Ps Rad 📸 by the Motherfactor fact checker @jessworrallphotography
Instagram post 2108038252750263283_2224857444 * B L O G  T I M E ! *
Yep, you heard it… I have one of those children that I never imagined that I would actually have.
I have… shockingly… A Stage Five Clinger. .
I know, crazy right? With a Mumma as footloose and fancy free as me, how could I EVER have such clingy children.
Cough, its me. I am the clingy one lol. Sometimes. Most of the time. Stop it.
It can be super hard to have A Stage Five Clinger, especially at dinner time, when you want to vacuum, or when you want to have a quiet poo on your own.
Sigh. #Truth
Sometimes you just want to have minute to yourself and they never will really let you.
But there are so many reasons to embrace the clinginess of these kidlets of mine.
Because soon enough they will not need me any more.
They will not want to have those beautiful moments with me that they do now.
They will rather do anything else than just sit there with me, nuzzling into my neck.
Soon enough they will not need me in any way at all. .
I will hold on to those moments for as long as I can.
I will hold on to them just as hard as they hold on to me. And I will not be the one to let go first.
Never will I let go. .
So, please head to the blog post via the link in my bio, and then come back here and tell me - do you have a stage five clinger yourself?
Do you love it, or does it drive you wild?
Let me know in the comments below as I would love to hear all about it xx
Ps just look at those sweet baby toes - thanks for the rad 📸 @jessworrallphotography

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