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My Real Birth Story Series

My Real Birth Story – Cath Lankford

Ellyn Shepherd / Bloggity Blog, Mumma, My Real Birth Story Series / / 0 comments

My Real Birth Story – Cath Lankford Pregnancy a second time is a weird thing. It’s as if you’re a glutton for punishment! I mean yes, you hopefully get another beautiful baby out of it, but you know what’s coming the whole time. You know that at the end of the process there is something the size of a BASKETBALL that needs to exit a very tiny hole to get out of your body… (more…)

My Real Birth Story – Ellyn Shepherd (mummalifelovebaby)

Ellyn Shepherd / Baby, Bloggity Blog, My Real Birth Story Series / / 0 comments

Hey guys!! *waves madly*. Sooooo, here is the latest instalment in our Real Birth Story Series, and this time it has been written by ME – Ellyn, head honcho over here at mummalifelovebaby! Wooooo! This was my second labour and birth, which meant that although I hoped for a different experience, I assumed it would be exactly the same as the first… How did it go, you ask? Well, read on to find out… xox (more…)

My Real Birth Story – Tamla Verban

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My name is Tamla and I’m the Mama behind the small business, Bubakin. Essentially my birth stories are what shaped my business! Both my boys were born at home with two midwives and just my husband and I in blissful peaceful surroundings. So I will endeavour to write them both here in short. I really believe sharing stories is our first step to being the empowered birthing goddesses we really are. After all, our bodies were designed to have babies! (more…)

My Real Birth Story – Emily Whishaw

Ellyn Shepherd / Bloggity Blog, My Real Birth Story Series / / 2 comments

My Real Birth Story – Emily Whishaw from Mummy Couture Um, HI! (*waves*) I’m Emily from Mummy Couture. I started my little online business at 8 months pregnant with my second bub because I’m a workaholic and hate being a stay at home mum! (oops, did I just say that out loud?). I’m a Chartered Accountant by trade and LOVE everything small business. After 8 years of living in London, my hubby, daughter and I returned to Oz this year. With baby number no. 2 on the way I started to dread my impending maternity leave and finding myself stuck in the zombie mum routine of eat, feed, sleep, clean, repeat, so I took the opportunity to start the online business I always talked about starting. Mummy Couture offers stylish and affordable baby friendly accessories, fashion and gifts for mums. Because why should babies get all the nice things? Whist it is hard juggling mum life with building a business, I’ve learnt SO much and met some amazing mumprenuers also hustling away while breastfeeding and wiping bums. (more…)

My Real Birth Story – Brea Walker

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Welcome to the latest instalment of our Real Life Birth Story written by the gorgeous Brea Walker! Brea is a mum to gorgeous 4-year-old twin boys and a 20-month-old boy, as well as a step mum to a 10-year-old girl. She is a mummy blogger and small business owner of an online shop – Mamma Bee. Mamma Bee is an online baby and kids shop that provides practical products that are loved and tested by parents all over Australia. Make sure you check out her story, and then head over to her website for some gorgeous goodies for infants, newborns and mummas! I hope you enjoy reading this story as much as I did xxx

My Real Birth Story – Jodie

Ellyn Shepherd / Baby, Bloggity Blog, My Real Birth Story Series / / 0 comments

Welcome to the latest instalment of our Real Birth Story Series! This instalment has been contributed by the gorgeous Jodie, mother of 2 super cute kidlets – Milly and Cruze. Jodie is currently operating a handmade clothing biz called MillyCruze Clothing, named after the best things in her life – her children, who are her inspiration. MillyCruze Clothing is all about being unique and individual. When an item is made it will never be made in that same fabric in that same size again. “Because our Children are Amazing, Let them wear it on the outside”. Once you have read through Jodie’s story, then make sure you head to her business page and check out her incredible products! In the meantime, I hope you enjoy her story as much as I did xxx (more…)

My Real Birth Story – Louise Cherry

Ellyn Shepherd / Bloggity Blog, Mumma, My Real Birth Story Series / / 0 comments

Welcome to the latest instalment of our Real Life Birth Story Series! This instalment has been contributed by the gorgeous Louise Cherry – mumma to one adorable and super drool worthy Giselle.  Louise’s story is amazing. She has such a wonderful way with words and she will draw you into her experience like you are living it along with her. Whilst being a super mumma, Louise also runs an amazing Facebook page – West Assured Mums, which offers support, networking and potential friendships for local Melbourne mums.  Check her page out at the end of this post and show her some love!  In the meantime, I hope you enjoy her story as much as I did, and that you roar like a lion at the end of it… xxx (more…)

My Real Birth Story – Angelique Loverso

Ellyn Shepherd / Bloggity Blog, My Real Birth Story Series / / 0 comments

Welcome to the thirteenth instalment in the My Real Birth Story Series! This contribution has been written by the beautiful Angelique – mother of one incredibly gorgeous little boy Louis, and creator of the amazing Instagram account – @heads.shoulders.knees.  Through her beautiful page Heads Shoulders Knees, Angelique shares gorgeous picture book recommendations for parents, and offers advice on how those books can be used to enhance kids learnings at home. She will tell you more about it in her story, however if you are looking for some literary inspiration, then make sure you follow her by clicking the link at the bottom of her story!  In the meantime, I hope you enjoy Angelique’s contribution as much as I did xxx (more…)

My Real Birth Story – Janelle Browne

Ellyn Shepherd / Baby, Bloggity Blog, Mumma, My Real Birth Story Series / / 0 comments

Welcome to the twelfth contribution to our Real Birth Story Series, written by the amazing Janelle Browne – mother to the sweetest little man Ryan, and co-founder of an amazing handmaiden business – Yes Mumma – Handmade.  Yes Mumma – Handmade provides customers with gorgeous handmade baby accessories of the highest quality, which are also durable and stylish. These include bandana bibs, solids bibs, nappy purses, newborn towels and hooded towels. Head over to their Facebook page to check them out!  I really hope you enjoy reading Janelle’s story as much as I did xxx (more…)

My Real Birth Story – Megan Ftouni

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Welcome to the eleventh contribution to our Real Birth Story Series, written by the gorgeous Megan Ftouni who is an amazingly loving mother to her two gorgeous children AJ and Maya. Megan struggled with PND following the birth of her firstborn son and this is her story. She hopes that her words will show other women that they are not alone and that they can come through the other side to live a loving and happy life with their families. I really hope you enjoy reading Megan’s story as much as I did xxx (more…)


Instagram post 2138492183829688073_2224857444 * B L O G  T I M E ! *
So, I have decided that I am going on strike. From cleaning, I mean, which is actually impressive when you think about it because I already try to avoid cleaning as much as humanly possible.
The only issue is, is that so does everyone else in the household. Sigh. .
But I think that’s the problem.
Because cleaning the house we live in from top to bottom is such a HUGE task, that is is actually quite overwhelming to think about doing it all on my own…
But I shouldn’t really be doing it all on my own should I? Hell to the nope. .
And even though I want help, I have lately been noticing something that has made me semi uncomfortable. Something that makes me think that we have been setting the wrong example for our kids so far. .
And that thing is that my daughter has started helping me unload the dishwasher. She helps me sort out the laundry. And she helps me clean down the table (well, her table anyway). Although her older brother helps out with little things when asked, he does not do it out of love of his heart. He needs to be asked every damn time.
Whereas my daughter doesnt have to be asked at all. Its like she wants to help. She wants to make my load lighter.
And I love her for it… But at the same time I don’t like that at all. .
I want both my children to help equally.
I don’t care if they are a boy or a girl.
I want EVERY member of our family (including the dog if we can somehow train him to put out the bins lol) to do their share of taking care of the house that we ALL live in.
Because it isn’t up to one person (or one gender). Or it shouldn’t be anyway. .
To try solving this problem, we are going to utilise a chore chart in our house where chores are divided equally and fairly.
So everyone shares the load, and people all learn to look after and respect what they have.
Oh, and also so mummy doesn’t have a nervous breakdown… .
That sounds fair right? So head to the link in my bio and read my latest post about this exact issue, and then come back here and tell me - what chores do you get your little ones to do each week?
Leave a comment below and tell me all about it xx
Instagram post 2137038593529233697_2224857444 * T O T A L  A V O I D A N C E ! *
Bath time. Geeeeeeesuz. That time of day is certainly hell in a hand basket ammiright?! .
I can feel grey hairs sprouting out of my head even as I think of preparing for bath time... because it’s like preparing for a battle.
As soon as the water starts running the kids sprout horns and turn into wildlings. They run circles around the house, they squeal at the top of their lungs, they throw cushions on the floor, they toss clothes recently shed downstairs whilst shouting “DELIVERY!” at the top of their lungs. They dance. They fall down. They. Will. Not. Submit. To. The. Bath. .
When we finally catch them to toss them in the water, The Girl turns into human spaghetti going limp in the hopes that she will slide herself out of my grip. The boy starts flailing in his fathers arms yelling “ONE MORE RACE DADDY! ONE MORE! I MEAN TWO MORE! JUST TWO! NOOOO!”
When we finally manage to toss them in the bath we start the next battles. “SIT ON YOUR BUMS!”, “DON’T THROW THAT AT YOUR SISTER!”, “SIT IN YOUR BUM I SAID!”, “STOP WHACKING HIM, HE DOESN’T LIKE IT!”, and our all time favourite - “STOP BLOODY SPLASHING!”, as we are hit in the face by a tsunami of bath water. 💦
And don’t even GET ME STARTED on brushing their teeth, I swear our neighbours must think someone is being murdered in the bath every single night, when all we are trying to do is give our kids fresh clean breath and sparkling teeth. FML. .
However this stressful nightly event has led to my husband and I trying to find creatively sneaky ways of getting out of bathing the kids... .
Before I can even open my mouth the husband will yell “I’m off to the toilet!” to which he disappears for 15 minutes or at the very least until I am saturated from head to toe and ready to toss all toothbrushes out of the window. Damn it.
But that’s ok because the next night I get in first. “I’m going to fill up The Girls water bottle!” I shriek as I dash downstairs and lay on the couch for 15 minutes in semi-peace, or until I hear my husband desperately calling for help from the bath room. .
It’s a nightly ritual. And it sucks. Sigh. .
Is it the same at your house? Let me know below ❤️
Instagram post 2134886580427332393_2224857444 * P F F T  A N N O Y I N G ! *
You know what’s annoying? Freaking meal times. Sigh.
I actually have to say that I am pretty lucky in that I have two relatively good eaters, but mealtimes still SUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!
The most frustrating thing is when they take a bite of their dinner and let me know how delicious it is and how I am the best “cooker” in the world. And then in the next bite they tell me that it’s yuck and they don’t like it. Sometimes it gets pushed away in a huff, and sometimes it gets spat dramatically on the floor for the dog to schnaffle up. 🤢🤢
And both of those options fill me with rage. 🤬
Farrrrrrrrrk. Yes, Raaaaage. 🙅🏻‍♀️
Why is it so hard to enjoy a delicious meal, a meal that I just spent ages cooking because everyone wants to cuddle me instead of letting me cook freely like the culinary genius that I am (not). #IHonestlyLoveItJustNotWhenSomethingIsBurningOnTheStoveTopLol
When they tell me they hate the food I’ve cooked, I take the food away. But once I take it away they both immediately howl and ask for their food back. FML. You LITERALLY just told me you hated it. I’m-a confused. 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️
Kids. Sigh. They never ever know what they want. Its so annoying and happens every single time. They are giving me emotional whiplash. .
I can’t wait to get through this stage and for people to eat what I cook without spitting it out like it’s poo on a plate. .
So tell me, when does this happen? How many years do I have till people eat my food without complaining that it’s yuck (when it’s not, it’s bloody yum)? Leave a comment below and tell me all about it ❤️❤️
Rad 📸 of my kids actually eating without complaining by @jessworrallphotography
Instagram post 2133418588707296083_2224857444 * B L O G  T I M E ! *
Yes, the babe is 20 months old now. Can you believe it? I know I sure can’t.
Well, that is I can’t believe it until she does something all grown up and crazy, like sing me the alphabet song, or ask me to sit on the toilet.
WTAF babe, who even are you, you teenage acting tiny person! .
I love it though, like with my son, I love being able to hold conversations and know what she needs.
I love that she can tell me exactly how she feels (well mostly), and I love that she can express herself relatively freely.
Except for when she is telling me that I am yuck and that I should go away. That bit, I could do without. .
I love her at this age. I think that this is one of my favourites. .
And although I know what lies ahead (can you say #EpicTantrums) I look forward to seeing who she grows into as she gets older.
My little sunbeam. My little piece of heaven in a heartbeat. My tiniest love. .
So head to the link in my bio and check out the latest post about the last month of my little ones life, and then come back here and tell me -
Do you have a little tiny demanding person in your life right now? How old are they and what are they up to?
Leave a comment below and tell me all about them xxx
BTW, rad 📸 by baby whisperer @jessworrallphotography
Tap pics for clothing deets ❤️
Instagram post 2131222188133386856_2224857444 * R  U  O K ? *
I wasn’t going to talk about this today. In fact I don’t know if I was EVER going to talk about this. But in the spirit of @ruokday I think that I should, just a little bit anyway. I think that maybe, someone might need to hear it... Or at least hear my thankyou... ❤️
But the last two years have been the hardest of my life. Of my husbands life. My families life. .
My nephew passed away two years ago in November, and ever since he left us I have NOT been ok. I haven’t.
I have struggled to cope with his passing. And I struggle (more times than I wish to admit) when I look at my daughter - who was born a mere 3 weeks after he passed.
They would have been 6 weeks apart had he still been here. They would have shared everything growing up and would have been experiencing all of the same things at the same times.
And now every milestone she hits, every laugh that she laughs, every day I have with her with me brings about just as much guilt as it does joy.
I am so bloody lucky. She is here. She is happy. She is healthy. I can see her beautiful face. I can hold her in my arms all day every day. I can love her hard, and she knows it.... But he should be here too...
It’s the hardest thing to live with, and I am working hard on doing just that every day. To accept what I cannot change and to truly appreciate what I have WITHOUT the guilt if I can.
But thankfully I have my beautiful family around me, as well as my incredible friends - who no matter how much I tried to isolate myself (especially) at the beginning or wallow in my own HUGE feelings, they are always there for me.
They always check on me to make sure I’m ok. They always listen when I talk, when I cry, when I just need to try to work out what the hell happened and how we even got here.
They have gotten me through every step of this horrible journey and this horrible recovery and I will forever be grateful.
So please never underestimate the power of ur question - r u ok. Please never underestimate the power of your presence, your support, and the way you listen. Because you could be helping in more ways than you know.
So I hope U r ok. I will be, thanks to u xx
Instagram post 2129796811078884329_2224857444 * F E R A L  4  Y E A R  O L D ! *
Nobody told me there’d be days like theeeeese! *Sing it Sister! 🙌🏻* ...
Actually EVERYONE told us there would be days like these but we never listened when they told us, because we knew OUR kids would NEVER be like that (pffft yeah right mumma). 🤦🏻‍♀️
But lemme tell you, four year olds really are built to drive a mumma WILD! Sometimes they can be so feral that they lapse into grunting nonsensically, squealing, snorting and farting.
And then sometimes they come out with such cuteness, such love, such hilarious sassy talk that the feral part of them seems to disappear...
Well almost. Before the feral part comes on out again. Which it does, e’rrry damn time... because, well... four year olds are farked🤯😂
Swipe through to see my feral four year old in action - being both feral and sweet ❤️❤️
Do you have a little feral four year old in your life? Tell me all about them in the comments below ❤️❤️
Thanks to the gorgeous @seriously_milestones for letting us have a play with her oh so hilarious toddler milestone cards. Zee cards are funny. Check ‘em out ❤️

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