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When The Toddler Tried To Break Me.

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Right people… Hands up who has a toddler!! *Throws both hands up into the air and shakes them about wildly* And hands up who sometimes thinks that toddlers were ONLY put on this earth to test the absolute frick out of you?!! *Throws hands up in the air SO HARD this time that I fear my arms may disconnect themselves from my actual body* Well, let me tell you a story or two. About the times when the toddler tried to absolutely break me. (more…)

The Shit They Don’t Tell You About Parenthood.

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People, people, people. Sighs *shakes head*. I am SHOCKED over here, and I honestly think that my brain is starting to go numb from all of these thoughts about parenthood. Oh, wait… the numbness could just be because I don’t sleep any more due to a toddler who desperately tries to move himself into our bedroom at least 4000 times a night. Yes, but what are you shocked about? You ask. Well, let me tell you, I creepily reply, whilst sitting on the toilet with another tiny person on my lap who has their whole body essentially wrapped around mine. #NoPrivacyEver (more…)

When Kids Are Accidentally Hilarious

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There are so many things that make me laugh hysterically in this life. You know, like people falling over. Epic dog fails. And just about anything and everything to do with kids. Kids, whether they mean it or not are so innocently and so hilariously funny. They fall over a lot, get easily scared a heck of a lot, and they ask the most curious questions, COMPLETELY without a filter which gets me Every. Single. Damn. Time. (more…)

The TERRIBLE things that you should NEVER do with Troublesome Toddlers

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Well. Toddlers, hey? They say that the hardest part of parenting is at the start, when you know absolutely NOTHING and are thrown into the deep end regardless. When you are left to flounder about aimlessly with no idea how to cope with this major change in your world that has arrived LITERALLY without warning. #WellExceptForTheWarningThatThePreviousNineMonthsMayHaveGivenYou (more…)


Instagram post 2176862978364533994_2224857444 * L O V E Y O U S W E E T I E * . Oh. Em. Gee. Shut the front door. . These two spent all yesterday fighting at the in-laws house because The Girl was jealous AF that her brother - the sicky mc-sicko - was totally and unexpectedly trolling in on her special alone time with her nonna and Pa. #ThisIsMYTimeBrother #ErmagawdStopCoughingOnMeAlreadyBro . But today? Today they loved each other hard. Yasssss! 😍😍😍 If my heart could cry it would be leaking disgusting tears of sunshine right on outta my body right now. #EwGross This affection went on and on and on and on and ooooooooon all day. It was so beautiful that I became one of those annoying humans who kept yelling “NAWWWWW I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH!” in their general direction. I became THAT mother. 😂 . And it reinforces why I became a mumma in the first place. The love, the cuddles, the sweetness, the giggles. The non-jerkiness ❤️❤️❤️❤️ . It makes those shitful times where they whack each other in the face for no reason, steal each other’s toast, or when they tell me that I am their least favourite parent all so worth it ❤️ . What kind of day did your kids have today? Were the haters be hatin’ or were they loved up and lovely? Leave a comment below and tell me all about it ❤️❤️❤️
Instagram post 2175436144041045636_2224857444 * Y U P. M E. L E G E N D . * . Have you ever experienced one of those moments in life - where you do something kinda regular not-really-that-big-of-a-deal, but you do it in such an epically and unexpectedly amazingly way that it stays with you forever and you high five yourself every time you think about it #YouRockstarYou! 🙏🏻 . Well I have had two of those moments. Well, probably a whole heck of a lot more, but these two totally probably-insignificant moments have stayed with me and still make me smile to this day... 😆 . Now, let tell you about, well... one of them. ❤️ . Moment 1. . Picture this. Grade 4. . A girl who hated to run (or do anything really except sing Mariah Carey) lined up with 3 fellow students ready to start the obstacle race of a LIFETIME. Jay. Adrian. Meagan. And a much younger version of myself who was pooping her pants, and wanting to just get the losing part over with already. Sigh. . The starting gun went off. BOOM! And off they run. The two girls falling quickly behind whilst the two (bloody fast) boys sped off around the course, miles ahead. #tinyjerks . Zip! Over the hurdles they went. Vroom! Around the hoopy things they flew. They ran so fast that I swear we ate their dust. . And then it happened. . The boys made it to the skipping ropes, which was the final “obstacle” in the race. They had to skip 100 times before they could run to the finish line, and let me tell you, those boys couldn’t skip to save themselves. #SuckedInKidlets . There were arms flying, feet tripping, and grass eaten. . My crowning moment came when I - like the skipping extraordinaire I was - reached the rope and skipped my little heart out. I kicked ass. That rope FLEW! And because of my inCREDIBLE skipping ability I somehow made it over that finish line first, to win the race. . It was my moment. It was beautiful. . And I still get the happy shivers every time I think about it. . Have you had a glory moment like this? Tell me all about it below and let’s be legends together 🙌🏻🙌🏻 . Ps rad 📸 by legend @jessworrallphotography
Instagram post 2171798125354641560_2224857444 * S W E A R B E A R ! * . Do you have a tiny Sweary McSwear Bear in your family? . I still remember clear as day when this dude dropped a bunch of bananas out of the supermarket trolley, before standing up and yelling at the top of his lungs “Oh F&$k! Oh F&$k! Oh F&$k!” . I didn’t know whether to be crazily proud of him or disgusted that he was so verbally colourful in the fruit and veg section at Coles 🤔 . What’s the most hilariously sweary thing your tiny person has accidentally (possibly on purpose) said? Tell me in the comments below! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 . *Warning - potential Sweary McSwear words in the comments - cover your eyes if needed 😂* . Ps. This hilariously sweary Toddler Milestone card is by the equally hilarious and sweary @seriously_milestones 🙌🏻🙌🏻❤️❤️
Instagram post 2166732332241769125_2224857444 * T H E P E R F E C T D A Y ! * . Although this picture was from another day, today was a great day. A bloody bloody bloody great day. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ And after a whole bunch of shitful ones it was so super appreciated. . I was in a crappy mood this morning because I woke up more tired than before I went to bed (just call me Mrs You-Look-Exjausted-No-I-Think-That’s-Just-My-Face-Now Shepherd) so I didn’t have a lot of hope for today. . But that self-induced rocky start the family really turned the sunshine on for me. . I took The Girl babe to our local Kmart so we could update our $19 blow up swimming pool from last year to the obviously now totally high end $29 variety, where she proceeded to wave at strangers and point out things that I didn’t need pointing out... Like, “Look Mummy! Cars!”. Great. “Look Mummy! Sky!”. Yes babe. “Look Mummy! Bin!”. Errrm, woopadeedoo sweetheart. . We brought it home, set it up, and alternated between in it splashing with joy until we realised how cold we were, and basking in the sunshine till we dried off again, all day until bedtime. . We shivered in the icy water, we sweated when we got out, we ate cold fruit, finished the day off with fish and chips and we laughed continuously. . This day is what I live for. It was a perfect day. And it’s what life is all about. I am so grateful for today. ❤️ . What is your idea of a perfect day? Tell me all about it in the comments below xx . Ps rad 📸 by the makes everyday a great day by being her beautiful self @jessworrallphotography

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