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Diary Of A Crazy Pregnant Lady. Weeks 1 to 6

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So. We are going to have a baby. Yup. We are pregnant, and soon there will be four. Plus a dog. OMFG. Are we excited? HELL YEAH! *insert fist pump here*. And yet are we ready for it? HELL FREAKING EFFING NO! *insert quiet and terrified sobbing here*. (more…)

The Things That Shit Me Since Becoming a Parent

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My tolerance levels seem to have plummeted since becoming a parent. Sometimes, I manage a shocking level of self-control which allows me to swan about full of nothing but joyful patience, especially towards my child and other gorgeous little kidlets alike. But other times, I find that the simplest of annoyances send me into a complete and irrational rage spiral. My face goes red, my bloody starts to boil, and sometimes my right eye starts to twitch like a mad woman on the edge of spontaneous combustion.   (more…)

A Letter To My Two Year Old

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To my son, It has been a long time since I last wrote you a letter my little love. However it was your second birthday last week and I felt that old familiar itch to pick up the keyboard and talk to you again. To tell you all about the world, and also to tell you all about, well…you. (more…)

My Real Birth Story – Angelique Loverso

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Welcome to the thirteenth instalment in the My Real Birth Story Series! This contribution has been written by the beautiful Angelique – mother of one incredibly gorgeous little boy Louis, and creator of the amazing Instagram account – @heads.shoulders.knees.  Through her beautiful page Heads Shoulders Knees, Angelique shares gorgeous picture book recommendations for parents, and offers advice on how those books can be used to enhance kids learnings at home. She will tell you more about it in her story, however if you are looking for some literary inspiration, then make sure you follow her by clicking the link at the bottom of her story!  In the meantime, I hope you enjoy Angelique’s contribution as much as I did xxx (more…)

My Real Birth Story – Janelle Browne

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Welcome to the twelfth contribution to our Real Birth Story Series, written by the amazing Janelle Browne – mother to the sweetest little man Ryan, and co-founder of an amazing handmaiden business – Yes Mumma – Handmade.  Yes Mumma – Handmade provides customers with gorgeous handmade baby accessories of the highest quality, which are also durable and stylish. These include bandana bibs, solids bibs, nappy purses, newborn towels and hooded towels. Head over to their Facebook page to check them out!  I really hope you enjoy reading Janelle’s story as much as I did xxx (more…)

How to Overcome the Boredom of Parenthood

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Right guys. I WANT to say that it is time for a TRUTH BOMB, but if you are a parent you will already know what I am about to say. You will realise it from about the tenth month of your child’s life. And if you aren’t a parent, then you most likely wont believe me… well, not until your elbow deep in nappies and vomit anyway. BUT…here it is… (more…)

The Time I was Blind On A Cheese Date

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Today I would like to tell you a story about a lovely little date that I went on recently. A date with my gorgeous, hairy and very tall husband. Yep, you heard me. A date. That’s right!!! For one magical day, Mummy and Daddy got to actually leave the house without our mini human in tow, and not only that, but WE GOT TO GO ON A REAL GROWN UP PERSONS DATE WITH CHEESE AND WINE AND GROWN UP GROWN-UPPY-NESS, AND CLOTHES THAT WERE GUARANTEED TO STILL BE CLEAN AT THE END OF THE MEAL! (more…)

My Real Birth Story – Megan Ftouni

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Welcome to the eleventh contribution to our Real Birth Story Series, written by the gorgeous Megan Ftouni who is an amazingly loving mother to her two gorgeous children AJ and Maya. Megan struggled with PND following the birth of her firstborn son and this is her story. She hopes that her words will show other women that they are not alone and that they can come through the other side to live a loving and happy life with their families. I really hope you enjoy reading Megan’s story as much as I did xxx (more…)


Instagram post 2319668174269478198_2224857444 What?! It’s normal, right? 🤦🏻‍♀️ Give me a hands up 🙋🏻‍♀️ if your kids are like this too 😂🤞🏻 #PleaseDontLetItJustBeMine #WellICantHelpItIfTheExpressTheirLoveByThrowingChairs
Instagram post 2318952143419045733_2224857444 * JOKES FOR DAYS ! * So, my son loves nothing more than to make us laugh... And you know, I bloody LOVE that about him, because boy oh boy how I really love to laugh!! #laughteristhebest And so because if that, we have taken to telling each other knock knock jokes. The worst, worst WORST kinds of knock knock jokes to be specific. Which have been told so many times over that they are no longer remotely funny. #KayMaybeTheyAreStillALittleFunny In fact, wanna hear some of his favourites (that I might add, he always gets wrong) so you can share in the joy too? Oh good. Coz here goes... Knock Knock. Whose there? Bear. Bear who? Bear bum. *insert crickets* Or, knock knock. Whose there? Orange. Orange who? Orange you glad I didn’t say banana? *cough... silence* So... yeah. That’s what my life is these days... 😂 #livingthegoodlife . Do you know any good you can share with us so we can expand our repertoire? Please dear lord, share them below so I can teach him something new tomorrow 😂
Instagram post 2317499714328491867_2224857444 * FUCK ME, THEY ARE SO BLOODY DIRTY! * Do you remember a time (pre-kids) when you imagined having kids? Your days would be filled with endless laughs, endless adventures, endless love... And I bet you that not ONCE did you imagine the fuck load of laundry you would have to do when it came to living that adventurous life, did you? Bloody hell I know I didn’t. But yesterday (when I obviously felt like living on the edge), I took the kids for a walk to the end of our street whilst we hunted random puddles to jump in. Like this bad boy right here ☝🏻 “Jump!” I commanded. “Live your best mud splattered life”. And they did. Oh the memories I just knew they would make! But the washing that came afterwards made me want to throw myself out of the actual window. Was it worth it? Meh. Will I let them do it again regardless? Probably. Because kids are so controlled these days. And I liked that, even if it was only a few minutes of muddy joy (and a lifetime of laundry for me), they could really be kids. And they could experience the giddy, silly freedom that being a kid should bring. Are you a muddy puddle jumping family? Or do you steer clear! Share below xx

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