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The First Smile

Ellyn Shepherd / Baby, Bloggity Blog, Love, Mumma / / 0 comments

Wait…did he just fart or is he smiling at me? Those first few weeks after you bring your baby home are tough. Trying to master the change, feed, play, sleep schedule on minimal sleep can be a challenge. You find yourself bleary eyed and dreaming about the day when your little person looks at you and smiles, rather than just staring at you with that concerned who the hell are you and what the hell am I doing here look on his or her face. (more…)

This Breastfeeding Business

Ellyn Shepherd / Baby, Bloggity Blog, Mumma / / 20 comments

Well. Breastfeeding was hard. Much harder than I thought. As a woman you believe it to be a natural process, and that it is instinctual for both your body and your baby to feed and to in turn be fed. You take the ability to do it for granted. I looked forward to this beautiful & relaxing process and thought it was my special gift as a woman and my natural right as a future mother, to be able to feed my own child with my body. And like a jerk, I had smugly assumed that it would be easy. And of course it can be…it just wasn’t that way for me. For me, it was one of the hardest things I have ever done. (more…)

The Ten things you NEVER say to a pregnant woman

Ellyn Shepherd / Bloggity Blog, Life, Mumma / / 0 comments

People say the darndest things when you are pregnant. As soon as you announce your joyous news (that there is a small bundle of human that looks a wee bit like a tadpole flapping about in your insides), people around you suddenly morph into clairvoyants and mind readers (clever bastards) with no filter.  (more…)

The Chubby Hand Obsession

Ellyn Shepherd / Baby, Bloggity Blog, Mumma / / 0 comments

If you have read the blog about my labour and birth, then you will know that my baby came into the world to the sounds of shock as to the size of his hands. Look at the size of his hands and feet the surgeons exclaimed! As I looked at his large purple fingers and toes, I hoped he would grow into them…you know, like puppies do. (more…)

My labour: The Birth Plan vs Reality

Ellyn Shepherd / Bloggity Blog, Mumma, My Real Birth Story Series / / 4 comments

I was ready for labour. Totally ready. Like an athlete before a big race, I was focused, I was psyched, I was pumped. I felt so mentally and physically prepared and was ready to take on whatever the universe threw my way, however I assumed that what was going to be thrown my way was a brilliant relaxing labour. I was already metaphorically fist pumping the air over what a good job I was going to do. I was smug. I was an idiot. (more…)


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