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The Toy Sale

Ellyn Shepherd / Baby, Bloggity Blog, Mumma / / 2 comments

It was early Saturday morning, and it was the day of “The Toy Sale”. My husband and I drove to The Toy Sale completely pumped. We had carb loaded the night before for energy, and had blood pumping music roaring through the car speakers on the way to the event, to put us in the mood for the biggest toy grabbing throw down this side of the Southern Hemisphere. (more…)

Five Great Books For Babies That We Love

Ellyn Shepherd / Baby, Bloggity Blog, Mumma / / 2 comments

I love to read. I read as much as I can whenever I have the time, and love nothing more than losing myself in a really good book. I love being transported to a magical world where anything is possible, and stories that are so thrilling and mind boggling that my heart rate increases and I start to skim the pages, unable to move my eyes fast enough in my desperate rush to find out what happens next. (more…)

Dear Baby, Today I Failed You.

Ellyn Shepherd / Baby, Bloggity Blog / / 2 comments

Dear Baby, Today I failed you. It has been over six months now since you came into my world and lit up my life, however today has been one of the toughest days I have known and I have failed you. I didn’t want to go out this afternoon because I knew you hadn’t slept and I just didn’t want to put you through it. But we went out anyway. You were so sad and you wouldn’t stop crying. You wouldn’t sleep. It’s all so unlike you. We should have gone home and tried to give you comfort somehow. But I failed you. We stayed an extra half an hour thinking you would be fine after a sleep in the car. But you didn’t sleep. And you weren’t fine. And so I failed you. (more…)

The Parenthood Perfection Pressure

Ellyn Shepherd / Bloggity Blog, Mumma / / 2 comments

The Parenthood Perfection Pressure. Yessir, there is a whoooooole lot of pressure to be able to do it all once you have a baby. The pressure for life to carry on just like it was before, and to manage everything with relative ease, whilst dodging vomit explosions like a ninja and to do it all with a smile on your face. (more…)

Ten things all new mums want (without having to ask)

Ellyn Shepherd / Bloggity Blog, Mumma / / 6 comments

Ahhh… Becoming a new parent. The excitement. The joy. The new baby smell, and the precious awareness of new life. We parents wander around in a state of delirious bliss for those first few months whilst adjusting to life with our brand spanking new baby. We are entertained by a continuous stream of visitors all wanting to spoil us and spend time with our baby, enabling us to live those initial days out in an exhausting but happy bubble. Life is beautiful. It’s magical. It’s bliss. However the visitors stop. (more…)

Parent or Crazy-pants?

Ellyn Shepherd / Bloggity Blog, Mumma / / 0 comments

I love babies. I mean, I have always thought they were lovely and fine and blah blah blah, but now that I have one of my very own I have found that I really REALLY love babies. They are so freaking cute, and all seem to be such squidgy, wriggly, happy little souls. (more…)

The wait was over…

nicole_harper / Baby, Bloggity Blog, Life, Love / / 0 comments

This post is the final post in an extraordinary four post series which outlines our beautiful guest writer Nicole’s IVF journey. If you haven’t read the first three emotive posts, then you can do so here, here and here. We hope that you have enjoyed reading Nicole’s story as much as we have, and we truly hope that her story can give you some hope and help on your own journey. The wait was nearly over. This nightmare would be coming to an end soon. I could feel it. (more…)

The journey begins..

nicole_harper / Baby, Bloggity Blog / / 0 comments

This post is part three in an extraordinary series of four posts which outlines our beautiful guest writer Nicole’s IVF journey. If you haven’t read the first two emotive posts, then you can do so here and here. We hope that you continue to join us as we explore in-depth what she went through both physically and emotionally from the start to the finish of this process, and we truly hope that her story can give you some hope and help on your own journey. Recovery from my surgery was rough. Having the fluid from the ruptured cysts drained and yet again more endometriosis removed. (more…)

The clock is ticking….

nicole_harper / Bloggity Blog, Life / / 0 comments

This post is part two in an extraordinary series of four posts which outlines our beautiful guest writer Nicole’s IVF journey. If you haven’t read the first emotive post, then click here. We hope that you continue to join us as we explore in-depth what she went through both physically and emotionally from the start to the finish of this process, and we truly hope that her story can give you some hope and help on your own journey. The clock was ticking…. A few weeks had passed since I had “The Conversation” with my doctor, and to be brutally honest, I wasn’t coping. I don’t think I have ever cried, screamed, yelled or eaten so much chocolate in my life.I probably had one too many wines to help dull down my brain over thinking too (who would have thought my hubby was a personal trainer during those few weeks!) It was one of the hardest times of my life. But I slowly realised that I had to get myself back on track somehow. (more…)


Instagram post 2155867021082852308_2224857444 * S U C H  F A A A S H I O N ! *
So there was that time (like, a whole month ago) when my son got asked to model for (or... um... more accurately run around in and try not to rip a hole near his butt cheek... ) for the incredible clothing brand @frankie_and_roy .
And while he was taking a break from doing that, we were kindly asked to get in the photo with him. 🙌🏻
Whhhhhhaaaaaaat? We feigned humble surprise. Uuuuusssssss?!
*Gets excited coz we obviously love a photo*
Over we strolled, sat on the log and as a family we all tried to look a little saner and less covered in dirt (or food) than we usually do.
This was the result. 😂
And even though the only one looking at the camera in the end was my clearly-unimpressed-with-life-that-day Sweet Girl (though she was comfy AF in her brothers @frankie_and_roy jumper that she stole on a lark, the cheeky rascal), it is a photo we will treasure always. ❤️
It will remind me always of the best day out, the most gorgeous location for an afternoon photo shoot, and of the cheeky wine Jess from @frankie_and_roy threw into my mouth at days end. .
Life is good people. And you have to embrace those beautiful moments while you can. ❤️❤️
Thanks @nataliedaviesphotography for the gorgeous pic ❤️❤️
Instagram post 2150807180525999961_2224857444 * T H I S  W E E  F A C E ❤️ *
*Takes a deep breath*... Kay. I’m-a just gonna say it.... Tiny girls are crazy. Yes, you heard me... They are reeeeally bleeping coo-coo. 🥴🥴
Don’t let this sweet face fool you, no sir... This girl is usually the happiest girl in the world but when she is mad BOY is she as mad as a hatter. 😂
Example? You got it sista!! .
So, she spent a good 20 minutes tonight crying over the fact that I tried to read her a book that SHE ASKED ME TO READ! 😂 Yasss, SHE asked ME to read it. And then when I actually started to read it, she threw it across the other side of the room. 😫
She wailed like a Banshee. She tried to whack my face, but her arms were too short #SuckedInTinyPerson . 😂
Then The Hairy Husband leant in and whispered quietly in my ear that he didn’t think she’d had a sleep today (which by the way explained EVERYTHING, and I may be the same but I can’t confirm or deny) 🙄
So I tried to put her to bed early for all of our sanity’s sake, but the sneaky little vixen turned into a piece of uncooperative spaghetti in my arms. 🤦🏻‍♀️ She flopped down and basically army rolled under the couch trying to prevent the inevitable conclusion of ACTUALLY HAVING A GREAT NIGHTS REST IN FREAKING BED AND BEING IN A GOOD MOOD! .
But good sense prevailed (mine for making sure she went the fruit truck to bed), and she went to sleep. #winning🏆 .
Sigh. It’s nothing that a glass of wine, The Bachelorette, and the husband grabbing ice creams from the shops so we could stress eat on the couch together couldn’t fix.
And everyone is happy. 😂
Have you had a night like this? What normal things did your tiny person go crazy over? Leave a comment below as I would love to hear all about it! Xxx
Instagram post 2147224862909618098_2224857444 * S M O O C H E S *
Dem lips. Dat face. Zee girl. Much sass.
She has perfected the pout perfectly, in a way that I could never have imagined the pout COULD be perfected.
I could stare at this little face for hours. And sometimes I have to.
Because she loves nothing more than to be carried around like a princess, arms thrown around my neck, legs dangling, and face smooshed against my face.
My little wildling love. My heart is so grateful for her. Even while it needs the occasional vay-cay 😂😂😂
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Ps - rad 📸 by the previously subscribed @jessworrallphotography .
The babes headband and leggings by @luluandmilly . The babes shirt by @jamiekay
Instagram post 2145017608324098911_2224857444 * A C T  C O O L , D U D E ! *
Ermagawd. So, we recently were invited to participate in the new @frankie_and_roy spring/summer photo shoot down at the incredible #shorehambeach 😍😍😍
We were so excited, and set out to make a day of it.
We left at lunch time, had the best afternoon exploring the Penninsula, and then headed to the beach to kick off the shoot. ❤️❤️
First mistake - letting the husband do The Boys hair. He used sooo much wax that The Boy totally looked like Ross from Friends. Sigh. .
Second mistake - Buying him sandles at the last minute without backs on them, which allowed him to kick them off at random intervals throughout the shoot in the most ridiculous ways. 🤦🏻‍♀️
#SorryJessForTheOneShoedShots .
And then the Third Mistake - asking him to just ACT COOL, DUDE! Because it led him to pull this 👆🏻face way too often 😂😂😂
Overall the afternoon, AND the shoot was so much fun! And let me tell you, the Frankie and Roy clothes The Boy got to wear were of such high quality and were so so comfy, that even after putting each piece through its paces by running through the brambles and climbing up and over fallen trees and rocks they truly stood up to the test!! .
So if you are looking for great quality clothing for your boisterous babe, then head over to the @frankie_and_roy website and check out their range STAT mumma! ❤️
Gorgeous 📸 by @nataliedaviesphotography .
*The Boys clothing kindly gifted*
Instagram post 2143549369500925058_2224857444 * B L O G  T I M E ! *
Ermagawd, gastro.
The most vile, disgusting, exhausting, revolting, sickening (literally) and terrifying sickness in the whole wide world.
Well, maybe not the MOST terrifying to most people, but the most terrifying for me. *shudders*.
I mean, I HATE spewing. I hate everything about it and I actually think I have a phobia of it, because it scares the bejeesus out of me and I will do everything I can to avoid doing it or being anywhere near it.
I hate doing it, seeing someone else do it, thinking about it, seeing any leftovers, or smelling anything that remotely resembles spew.
The hard thing is, when you have kids - not only will it be impossible to avoid it in any way, usually YOU will be the one that is spewed on. Sigh. .
Sah disgusting. .
Recently the kids were struck down with a nasty case of gastro. #ThanksInLawsIStillLoveYouThough
And it left the husband and I scrambling between the 2 sick kids terrified that we would cop it ourselves.
At one point we’d had so many clothing changes from the spews that were directed over our bodies, that I was afraid that we would run out of clothes.
And towels. And bedding. We just didn’t have enough to keep everyone clean.
We also ran out of hot water at various intervals, though I still managed to wash my hair 4 times in a 15 hour period to get the spew out of my hair. .
But it’s over now. The kids are better and I managed to be the only member of our family to get through it unscathed #IBloodyHopeAnyway
So, if you have a strong stomach, then head to the link in my bio and read all about our experience with the family being struck down by gastro, and then come back here and tell me - have you been through this yourself? How did you SURVIVE? Any top tips for getting through without getting sick? Leave a comment below as I would love to hear all about it xx
Ps - Rad 📸 by the non-spewy @jessworrallphotography

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