Diary of A Crazy Baby – 13 Months Old.

You know what I love? I love it when we stop counting months and can start just giving vague responses in regards to the ages of our children. Oh, um…she is… um… a toddler years old. Know what I mean?

Ok, so I CAN remember how old my kids are, I promise. Well… usually. But sometimes I honestly struggle to remember where I am, what my name is, or if I just washed my face in the shower or not. Because I have NO idea about anything anymore. Nope. This mumma’s brain is totally full.

I guess that’s why I write this series. So I don’t have to remember how old the sweet baby is, or whether or not I have pants on. Oh, is that unrelated? Maybe. But like I said, this mummy’s brain is full lol.

And you know what it is full of right now? Thoughts of my thirteen-ish month old baby. Oh, and all of the shit I have to do at work this week. But I can think about work on Monday, right? Hope so. #NoOneCallMePlease

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So, this month, the wee babe has thrillingly discovered and therefore is SUPER into accessories. Yup, she loves putting bangles on her arms, though she INSISTS that its only cool to wear them at armpit level, whilst clutching them with her teeny tiny hand at the same time. Looks terribly uncomfortable to hold a bangle in that position for too long, but who am I to comment on the way a girl wears her accessories? She is SUCH a fashionista. #AndMumma’sAWannabeeLol

The crazy bangle lover also really loves to put things on her head like a hat. And when I say “things”, I don’t mean an ACTUAL hat, or even a headband. Gawd no, that’s just too damn “normal” for this kid when it seems that she is only built to be totally extra at all times lol. If I even DARED to put those things on HER head, then she would just rip them off quicker than I could say “But I LITERALLY just bloody well put that on you for eff’s bloody sake”… Sigh.

Instead in her royal extra-ness, this little lady loves to put things like nappies, biscuits, tea towels and the occasional piece of toilet paper that I was too preoccupied to notice her steal, on her head. Those things are way better than hats… Especially the biscuits… Obviously.

The little lady has also finally noticed her future favourite accessory – her phone. And she has started practicing like a BOSS with it. She sits there, in her toy room, surrounded by toy cars that her brother likes to toss at her at all times of the day, cradling her toy phone against the back of her head, which quite honestly is a totally impractical position to hold a proper conversation. I don’t know what she is thinking.

But hold it there, she will, and converse in complete gibberish, she does. For AGES too. I have no idea who she thinks she is talking to, or what she is actually saying (the girl still barely speaks English lol), but she CERTAINLY has a lot to say, and she seems quite knowledgable on whatever subject it is that she is talking about.

I suspect that she will be able to talk the leg off a chair as she grows up. Like her mumma maybe.

And one thing that has me a little nervous, is that I can tell already that she is going to grow up to be feisty AF. If she doesn’t get her way, or if someone (cough…the toddler tyrant) takes things out of her hands before she is ready to give them up, then she will howl with rage until she either a) gets her own way once more, b) gets distracted, probably by the aforementioned bangle, or c) until you pick her up. She is such a koala bear like that.

I don’t know if she is going through a phase, but she loves to be picked up and held more than I remember her brother ever doing. And it seems like it is for no reason other that that she just loves the cuddles. Maybe she is needy like her mumma… That is highly probable lol #SomeoneHoldMeAlready

The weird thing about it is that I don’t actually mind holding her, most of the time. Of course it can be hard when I am trying to cook dinner and I need two hands, but I really love that closeness just as much as she does. I love that she loves me so much that she finds total comfort and peace in my arms. It’s really lovely and makes my heart explode 6 million times a day.

When she isn’t in my arms, she loves nothing more than climbing up the stairs as quickly as possible, especially if I am there to chase her. Because this little lady LOVES to be chased. Well, either that or the anticipation of being caught. But more than anything else, she loves the threat of a good tickle and tickle her I will, because she laughs so infectiously once caught that it is crazily hard to resist.

In terms of talking, the little lady talks all the time now. Still gibberish, but she is also starting to mimic what we are saying which is totally cool, and sometimes shocking. In fact, today I am pretty sure that she took it to the NEXT level, when she started singing “Thunder! Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na”. If you are an AC/DC fan, or you know how much my son has sung it on repeat for the last … I don’t know … two years … then you would not be surprised that she is singing it at thirteen months old. I know I’m not. Gawd I hope I don’t have to sing it for another 2 years non-stop with her too lol.

She has added the word banana to her ever growing collection of words that she CAN actually say. Well, she says “‘nana” rather than the whole word, but she says it in context which shocks me shitless every time she says it. As a side note – the tiny girl could inhale an adult size banana with ease, even though its almost bigger than she is lol. The baby is totally banana cray-cray right now.

She is getting super fast at walking with her walker now. She could do that all day, but she needs breaks for cuddles and food apparently. Oh, or to punch her brother in the head occasionally. At least when she is walking around these days she is straighter than she previously was. She is no longer terrifyingly parallel to the floor so I am more confident that she isn’t just going to face plant into our tiles. #Hurrah!

She is still the happiest little soul. And she loves us so much. But more than ANYTHING else, she loves her brother. He is the bee’s knee’s to her, which is crazy nice because he feels the same about her.

Dying. Heart Explosion.

This last month of her life has been a pleasure. She is really turning into a strong-willed but kind and sassy pants little girl. She has more than three strands of hair on her head, and her smile is so infectiously mesmerising that I know she is going to draw everyone to her as she gets older.

And you know what? I cant wait to see what changes happen in this beautiful little lady over the next month. xxx

Diary Of A Crazy Baby - 13 Months Old Diary Of A Crazy Baby - 13 Months Old Diary Of A Crazy Baby - 13 Months Old Diary Of A Crazy Baby - 13 Months Old Diary Of A Crazy Baby - 13 Months Old Diary Of A Crazy Baby - 13 Months Old Diary Of A Crazy Baby - 13 Months Old Diary Of A Crazy Baby - 13 Months Old

How old is your little babe? What changes have you noticed in them over the last month? Leave a comment below as I would love to hear all about it xxx