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These Old Hands of Mine

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This is probably the most random blog post that I have ever written. But it is actually something that I have wanted to write about for a long time. It is a story about these old hands of mine. Yep, you heard me, my hands. (more…)

Guest Blog – My Raw Self – Life As A Motherless Mum

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I am very honoured today to be able to share this post with you, which has been contributed by the beautiful Kat – creator and blogger over at My Raw Self. Kat is the mum of two gorgeous, adorable and squeeeeezable boys, and this is her story of being a “motherless” mum. Get your tissues out, because Kat is about to break your heart… xx (more…)

You May Be A Working Dad, But I Am Still Your Equal

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My husband and I had a conversation recently, about how much our time is worth. Already, you can imagine that this was a fun conversation, right?? And by “fun” I mean it was one of the most frustrating conversations I have ever had with him, and it filled me with red-hot rage. And while he looks back on it sheepishly, as a “brain fart”, and has apologised profusely, it is something that I feel like I have got to talk about.  (more…)

Our Relaxing Holiday to QLD. Not.

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It’s amazing how holidays change when you have kids… this is the second one we have been on since our little one was born and I have been looking forward to it since we booked it one week before we actually left. Yep, u heard me. One. Week. Before. We. Left. Cutting it fine, coz thats how we role you know? Livin’ life by the seat of our pants and all that. Sigh, I only WISH we were that cool. (more…)

My Happiness Bucket List

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Recently I had “one of those days”. Or more so, “one of those weeks”. Actually now that I think about it, it actually occurred smack bang in the middle of “one of those months”. One of those months where I walked through each day questioning why I am here. Why Am I Here? What the hell is it all for?? How can I grab hold of my own happiness and live it? Sigh. I bloody wish I knew the answers, but at that time I was really just going through the motions of life feeling…well…lost. And the more that I pondered those questions, the louder they got and the more confused and lost I felt. (more…)

Why I almost punched my hairdresser

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So, I almost punched my hairdresser the other day. On the morning of my appointment, I was wrenched awake at 5:15am by the howls of a baby calling for his doggy. Yep, you heard it. He wanted his doggy. Not his mummy, or his daddy, but his dog. The dog who quickly walks in the other direction whenever the baby comes towards him. Because no-one likes to be squealed at and head butted when you are trying to snooze, right??! Doggggyyyyyyyyyyyy! (more…)

The Weekend Family Photo Shoot

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So, we had a family photo shoot last weekend for the blog. It was awkward as hell, but it had to be done. Well, it didn’t HAVE to be done, but I had been given a voucher to have it done by the amazing and talented Celeste Reid Larkins and I was actually really excited about it. In the lead up to it I had all of these visions about how kick ass I would be. I had all of these super cool outfit plans in my head, never mind the fact that I would have to get changed mid location surrounded by weeds, enraged magpies and the occasional piles of dog poo. (more…)

Holy Hell We Have Fleas

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Oh dear god. We have fleas. Yep, we’ve got a case of the dirty stinking flippity flappy fleas. Well, to be more specific – the poor dog is the one with the flea problem (and also quite possibly the carpet), but WE have to live with him living with fleas, and that’s tough enough. In fact, it is downright gross… Ugh, so gross. (more…)


Instagram post 2339972204082471795_2224857444 * STOP PUNCHING ME IN THE FACE PLEASE *
This kid. Oh my fruit looping gawd. I have a hitter on my hands. 🤦🏻‍♀️
Yep, now that she is two and a half she has grown wildly whacky... And by “whacky”, I mean that she loves waving her arms about when she is feeling rage and punching me square in my mum-shaped face. 👊🏻
Sigh, I shouldn’t label her. I really shouldn’t. Because it doesn’t happen all the time... But when she is feeling those huge AF feelings, those tiny fists fly and I am the one that cops it. In the actual chin. 🤭
Sometimes when she is like that I just hold her until SHE calms down (channeling my inner @chrissiechaostocalm), sometimes I have to just put her down and walk away until I can calm down MYSELF, and sometimes (I’m sorry to admit), I totally howl at her with rage... Which always makes me feel such mum-guilt afterwards. 😭
But no matter what, when we are back to feeling “normal” again afterwards, I always sit with her and hold her, reassure her of how much I love her, and I always explain why she can’t hit me and how it makes me feel when she does. 😔
I’m not gonna lie, it can be bloody hard to take sometimes, but she is such a sweet, kind and loving human generally and these outbursts do not reflect who she is. .
Let’s just hope she is more love-y and less punchy tomorrow. .
Who has had the occasional little hitter on their hands? How do you deal with it? Please share below ❤️
Instagram post 2336201765505873665_2224857444 * HOW DARE YOU?!! *

Today The Hairy Husband was so mad at our son for being a turd-burger #AnnoyinglyTrueStory that he banned him from watching TV for the ENTIRETY of next week. 📺

Mind you, this came on the back of ANOTHER punishment last night where my son was grounded for the next week, like a 15 year old sassy pants, ALSO for being a total ratbag. 🤭 #HeIsTurningUsIntoRageMachines

My son cried. And I WANTED to cry. “What is the meaning of this?” I whispered to my husband through gritted teeth whilst our son wandered through the house, wailing about how unfair life was. “Don’t you know you are actually PUNISHING ME with this no TV business?!” I asked. 
The husband looked at me blank faced. He didn’t get it. At all. “How am I supposed to use the TV to entertain my kids when I am so tired I can barely wipe my own arse let alone theirs?!” I growled. “Now he is going to be even worse tomorrow when you’re not home, you know that right?!” 🤦🏻‍♀️ He, like the stony faced non-giver-in-er he is, didn’t care about my plight AT ALL. “It’s for his benefit” he whispered back. “So he can learn how to stop being a total shit-nose”. I rolled my eyes in response. It was all I could do.

Great, I thought. Now all of our lives are ruined for the week. Sigh.

And so the TV-less week begins. FML. Wish me luck. 🤭🧟‍♀️😭 Have you had to ban the TV from your house to try and turn your kids back into nice people again? And did it actually work? Share below xx
Instagram post 2335642469915368406_2224857444 * COZ ITS BAD BOYS FOR LIFE *

The face you make when you find out that you and your bestie are enrolled in the same primary school. ☝🏻❤️🙌🏻 #badboysforlife #WatchOutGradePrepHereTheyCome

So, we enrolled our son to his future school last week. His “home away from home” for the next 7 years. We paid the deposit. We got the free t-shirt (seriously). And I may or may not have cried a little bit. #UglyCriedInFact

It’s such a strange feeling- that it’s finally happening. That school is beginning. And that they are growing up and away from us. 
I don’t know how I feel about it actually. Excited that he is starting his new chapter. Excited that he is turning into an independent and clever little human. Sad that he will no longer need us. Sad that there will be a huge part of his life that we will not even remotely be a part of. 
And if I feel like this now, imagine what a blithering mess I’ll be when school actually starts next year... *Sigh*. But grow up he must. And let go I must. That’s what parenting is about right? Ill just hold him a little bit longer until school starts if you don’t mind. Or until he learns how to swear at me in multiple languages. Whatever comes first. 😳

How did you feel in the leadup to your little one starting school? Share below xx
Instagram post 2334909252719409355_2224857444 * PUT THAT SHIT DOWN ! *

Oh my fucking gawd. What is it about kids and picking random shit up left in creepy parks by strangers? 🤷🏻‍♀️ So, sometimes after a long day at Kinder we go to the park next door with The Boy’s favourite little Kinder friends. Lucky for me, one of his bestie’s has a PE teacher for a dad so he chases them around the park while I stand there and laugh about how I don’t have to do a single thing to help because he has the energy of 4000 people and I have the energy of a half kicked cat. #truestory💯 
Once the kids have exhausted themselves (or more accurately, PE dad has worn them the frick down) they sit down and dig.

And I’m cool with that, because I’m such a cool mum. #saysme 
I don’t care if they get dirt on their clothes. Or if it gets under their nails. I just want them to be free and explore life like all kids should. Right?

But they always find something bloody gross when they dig. Like a half eaten sandwich. Dribbly-licked cigarette butts. Vom. Or a gawd knows how old Up-And-Go drink, that one of our tiny friends may or may not have drunk even though it wasn’t theirs and it had been sitting there for heck-knows-how-long 🤢 #HupGonnaSpew🤢

It takes every inch of me not to scream “Drop that filthy thing before you get rabies!” every time, so I don’t blow my cool mum cover...
But it’s so funny. What I find gross... to those kids, it’s like finding treasure. Bloody disgusting treasure, but treasure all the same. Weirdo’s. 
And although I still hope they don’t get rabies, I love that they find excitement in the smallest things ❤️ Do your kids find excitement in gross things like mine? ❤️❤️
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