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How to Overcome the Boredom of Parenthood

Ellyn Shepherd / Bloggity Blog, Life, Mumma / / 0 comments

Right guys. I WANT to say that it is time for a TRUTH BOMB, but if you are a parent you will already know what I am about to say. You will realise it from about the tenth month of your child’s life. And if you aren’t a parent, then you most likely wont believe me… well, not until your elbow deep in nappies and vomit anyway. BUT…here it is… (more…)

Mummy Needs A Day Off

Ellyn Shepherd / Bloggity Blog, Mumma / / 0 comments

I don’t know about you, but there are some days when I just want a freaking break. There may not be anything particularly wrong. I might even have been lucky enough to have gotten a full nights sleep the previous night. But some days I just want to stay in bed, pull the covers over my head and to not have to get up for anything or anyone. I just feel a desperate need to be lazy. (more…)

My Fitness Journey: Week 12 – The Woohoo Wedding Week!

Ellyn Shepherd / Bloggity Blog, Life / / 0 comments

Well. My fitness journey is over… Sort of. For the last twelve weeks I have been working hard (errrr, sometimes) and watching what I eat (with the exception of chocolate as you all know that I am absurdly addicted), in an effort to shed some kg’s and to start getting this baby body back into shape. The amazing wedding that represented my “I-better-bloody-well-be-a-skinny-mini-by-then” deadline has now come and gone. And the wedding was awesome. Yes, but did you reach your fitness goal, you ask? Well, keep reading and find out! (more…)

My Fitness Journey, Week 6- The Why Am I So Angry Week?

Ellyn Shepherd / Bloggity Blog, Life / / 0 comments

Well, its Week 6 of My Fitness Journey. Can you believe it? Half way through already?!! Woohoo! So, I started a new meal plan a week and a half ago as part of my 6 week Extreme Shredder program. Gawd, clean eating sounded so boring boring boring boring. But I got through the week without too much trouble. And as I mentioned in last weeks post, the recipes the program provided were actually pretty darn delicious!! Thank freaking goodness. Now my goal for THIS week was to reeeeeeally focus on doing it right and doing it without cheating. Like, at all. Not even a little cheating. PUT THAT SNICKERS DOWN GIRLFRIEND! (more…)

Five Great Books For Babies That We Love

Ellyn Shepherd / Baby, Bloggity Blog, Mumma / / 2 comments

I love to read. I read as much as I can whenever I have the time, and love nothing more than losing myself in a really good book. I love being transported to a magical world where anything is possible, and stories that are so thrilling and mind boggling that my heart rate increases and I start to skim the pages, unable to move my eyes fast enough in my desperate rush to find out what happens next. (more…)

Ten things all new mums want (without having to ask)

Ellyn Shepherd / Bloggity Blog, Mumma / / 6 comments

Ahhh… Becoming a new parent. The excitement. The joy. The new baby smell, and the precious awareness of new life. We parents wander around in a state of delirious bliss for those first few months whilst adjusting to life with our brand spanking new baby. We are entertained by a continuous stream of visitors all wanting to spoil us and spend time with our baby, enabling us to live those initial days out in an exhausting but happy bubble. Life is beautiful. It’s magical. It’s bliss. However the visitors stop. (more…)


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