Well. My fitness journey is over… Sort of.

For the last twelve weeks I have been working hard (errrr, sometimes) and watching what I eat (with the exception of chocolate as you all know that I am absurdly addicted), in an effort to shed some kg’s and to start getting this baby body back into shape.

The amazing wedding that represented my “I-better-bloody-well-be-a-skinny-mini-by-then” deadline has now come and gone. And the wedding was awesome.

Yes, but did you reach your fitness goal, you ask? Well, keep reading and find out!

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Twelve weeks done and dusted. Gee it flew!

In that time I worked my butt off, ate super cleanly, fell completely off the wagon head first, injured bits of myself, half hopped back on the wagon, fell off again and then spent the rest of the time chasing the wagon down the street as it sped away from me. I wish I was kidding. Oh no wait… I AM kidding…Sort of.

The Sally Matterson Extreme Shredder fitness program that I had signed up for about half way through my fitness challenge, worked wonders…when I was actually able to follow it.

Through it, I lost cm’s pretty darn quickly from the combination of the intense workouts provided and the delicious clean eating recommended. I think my body was so shocked by eating only good food that it finally did what I wanted it to… It actually shed some fat! And I was actually eating MORE than before! Hooray!

My Fitness Journey via Giphy.com

via Giphy.com

But once I injured my shoulder I found some of the movements became quite difficult to do, which kind of slowed things down a bit. And once I discovered this extra delish low fructose “healthy” salted chocolate caramel slice, things totally slowed down even further. Again.

I was my own worst enemy…It’s hard to be fit and healthy when your freaking hands have a mind of their own and continuously shovel delicious slice’s of chocolatey tastiness in your face.

But, I kept on keeping on, doing the best I could…though realistically I am pretty sure that I did it in kind of the most half ass-iest manner possible….

My Fitness Journey via Giphy.com

via Giphy.com

However as I was still doing the same old workouts that I had previously been doing since the start of this program, albeit in the easier-slow-yet-still-sweaty versions, I was getting a little bored. And lazy.

So I decided to spice things up by adding something extra in for entertainment. I decided to incorporate some yoga back into my weekly routine which I have always loved, and what better way to do this, than to head back to one of my favourite studio’s – Metta Yoga, which has just re-opened in Eltham!

The studio is a gorgeous mud brick home studio, run by the amazing Emily – one of my favourite teachers, and I kicked things off with a 4 week course, which unsurprisingly was ridiculously amazing. This course was a great counterbalance for the weights that I was doing at home during the week, and it gave me the opportunity to stretch beautifully, rest my mind and relax in really nourishing poses.

This course re-kindled my love for yoga which I had somehow forgotten recently. After each practise I am filled with a feeling of perfect contentment and relaxation, and I am so much prouder of my body and what it can do than I was before I entered the room.

My Fitness Journey - Image courtesy of pixabay.com

Image courtesy of Pixabay.com

How did I let myself forget this???? How did I forget the feeling of joy after a lovely workout that is good for both my body and soul? What an idiot…

And as an added bonus, I seem to have the best nights sleep after an evening yoga class than I do any other night of the week! My husband could tap dance on my head during the night and I wouldn’t even notice, yes, I am THAT much in a sleep coma!

My Fitness Journey - via Giphy.com

via Giphy.com

In fact, sometimes when I wake up the morning after yoga, I have to pry the pillow out of my cheek from where it embedded itself during the night… I worry a little that my drool may end up somehow super-gluing the pillow to my face it was THAT good a sleep. Highly probable, right?

Yes, that’s all well and good you say, but how did you actually go? Did you achieve your fitness goal, you say?

Well kids… the results are in!

I lost 6cms off my waist and 4kgs! Hooray!!! Wooooooo!!!!

My Fitness Journey - via Giphy.com

via Giphy.com

I may not have hit my goal of a 6kg weight loss, but I am pretty proud of what I did actually achieve in those twelve weeks!

And if I do say so myself I looked pretty good at my awesome wedding deadline, and I felt even better!

My Fitness Journey - Image (c) mummalifelovebaby

Image © mummalifelovebaby

And now that my deadline has passed, I have decided to create a new one. A small goal to strive towards in my continuous life journey to get that toooootally realistic (insert sarcasm here please) Victoria’s Secret model figure that you see below.

My Fitness Journey - Image © porenchenskaya via Canva.com

Image © porenchenskaya via Canva.com

Sigh… So, I guess I should put the chocolate down (again) and get cracking…

See you when I’m skinny guys!



Are you on your own fitness journey? Leave a comment in the box below, and tell me all about it as I would LOVE to hear from you! xxxx

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